7 transfers that are changing Juventus

7 transfers that are changing Juventus

Paulo Dibala

Departures are also important; they affect the structure of the game. And if well planned, the team doesn’t lose, they simply change. Coach Allegri remains at the helm, nobody younger has been found and Dibala has not renewed his contract. “Juventus are tired of fourth place – have finished in that position twice in a row. They decided they would win another Scudetto without Paulo. The Argentine, it must be admitted, has been at his worst since Federico Chiesa’s injury. Dibala has 10 goals and five assists in Serie A. On the one hand, a lot of action, on the other hand, Alvaro Morata was one point better on goals and assists, and Juventus have no plans to buy him out. The best explanation is why Turin were not fighting for a new deal for Paulo. He wasn’t bad, but in a crisis season. Also the action assessment explains why Dibala didn’t sign instantly with another club and now he is being linked with a new toy for the old Serie A grey cardinals.

Angel Di Maria

Di Maria is incredible, but he has character, he’s been around legends all his life and hasn’t found himself in a dumpster. Perhaps the talks with Juventus were delayed just because of the Argentine’s behaviour during meetings with the Turin side. The family there is not simple, the wife has called Manchester City what it is primarily known as by the people of Liverpool. Not to say she was much mistaken – not all of England is lovely, it’s not Italy from Rome and further south. But Angelito chooses the north of the beautiful country for more than just the cuisine and architecture. Like Lukaku, he hopes the intensity in Serie A is lower than in the AFL or Bundesliga. Consequently, an older Argentine with a one-year contract and a salary of €6-7 million can play and work off the investment. If he succeeds, his contract will be extended for another year; if he does not work out, Juventus have little to lose by signing such a class of free agent.

Matthijs de Ligt

“Juventus need live money to add players to their ranks. Don’t forget that the prosecutors are after them – the accounting department has been fiddling, strange exchanges like Pjanic for Arthur have not been forgotten by the enforcers. Conte sent a couple of players to London in the winter. Officially parted ways with Chiellini – Giorgio went to football pensioners’ paradise, Demiral was bought out by Atalanta. They have also saved money by not extending Bernardeschi’s deal. Now the European champion is looking for himself at Atlético de Madrid, where Witsel has already been welcomed. And where will de Ligt end up? Most likely in the English league, because they are the only side willing to pay as much as Turin are asking for. “Juventus want many tens of millions of euros for the Dutchman and Chelsea are the closest to a deal at the moment. They have a new owner, minus three centre-backs, a solid transfer budget and an understanding of why they need Matthijs. Ten Hag has Varan and Maguire, expensive players with high wages, in his squad and he has more difficulty explaining to the Glazers why the team needs another Dutchman since they are so actively negotiating with Frankie de Jong and have not yet managed to figure out what to do with van de Beek.

Presnel Kimphembe

The French defender finds himself in the same team as Marquinhos, Ramos and Querer. It would seem that PSG have no extra central defenders, especially considering Thilo was on the exit list and Sergio has suffered injuries and missed many matches. But Kimpembe’s contract costs money, with the deal valued at around €40m, and the French need to say goodbye to someone to make purchases. For example, to sign a long-awaited centre-forward. Perhaps it will be Klimpembe, who could be offered the role of centre-back by Allegri alongside Bonucci, who will be sacrificed. And additionally, Juventus are bidding for a player whose contract belongs to Genoa – Cambyaso, who scored 1 goal and provided 4 assists last season in Serie A. “The Gryphons are relegated to the second league, Andrea has no business being there.

Cristiano Ronaldo

This is a transfer you should never pull off. It is important not to succumb to Jorge Mendes’ charms. The Juventus CEO has already blamed the Coronavirus for the fact that Ronaldo’s transfer did not bring the Italians as much money as they had planned. But clearly Cristiano does not want to play in the Europa League, it is important for him to prove himself in the main tournament, where he needs to improve his goalscoring record in each of the remaining European seasons. “It is very important for Juventus not to even think about Ronaldo’s return. Crucially, Allegri does not have the best personal relationship with the Portuguese. One Manchester United player, Paul Pogba, is enough for the Turin side; they will have to ignore that mark of failure successfully, too.

Nicolo Zagnolo

Zagnolo has character and Roma have no Champions League ticket. Incidentally, one of the reasons why Ronaldo is unlikely to be eager to swap a scrap for a scrap, i.e. one Mourinho team for another. Nicolo, on the other hand, since he is called up to Juventus, could be interested in Allegri’s project, as could the coach – working with a difficult, injury-ravaged but terribly talented footballer. Zagnolo has not performed as well as he should. But Roma are not an easy team to win Serie A with either. Zagnolo’s transfer will come in useful for the Turin side. Juventus are missing a number of attacking players from last season – Dibala, Kulusevski and Bernardeschi. While Chiesa will recover, while Pogba will become accustomed to a forgotten league, Zagnolo could start.


Remember when Juventus had an old-fashioned logo that was changed to an inverted tap because marketers said it would make the club more popular in Asia? It didn’t, they didn’t win the Champions League because of the rebranding – what a surprise, but they talk about money in Turin all the time, as well as the future – just remember Agnelli’s passages about the length of football matches. They need new markets, such as Latin America. That’s why they met Neymar’s father last week. The 30-year-old Brazilian has become a liability for the Sheikhs’ project, but the Agnelli-Elcan clan’s project will come in handy. Especially if it works out to get Neymar on loan, risking just the money on a huge wage. “Chelsea, of course, are closer to a deal, and the hurdle there is a similar one – the salary. Also, Júnior knows very well how much more dangerous the APL is for players of his type than Serie A. They have long tried to lure Salah to Turin, they have already signed Ronaldo and now they will look at Neymar. Or is it better to refuse, let the Brazilian be handled by another Italian club?

With Pogba, Di Maria, Zagnolo and Chiesa, Serbian forward Vlahovic will get plenty of great assists. It is troubling that Allegri is not demanding the signing of a superstar in the centre of defence – De Laurentiis doesn’t seem to be about to give up Coulibaly, but even with the attacking moves Juventus will be renewed and dangerous for their rivals. “The Bianconeri are doing everything they can to get back into the race for the Scudetto.


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