According to Salman Butt, Shastri recognizes the situation better than anyone else

 Kohli may have remained for another few years, but “people wouldn’t have absorbed his achievement,” Ravi Shastri remarked in an interview. Salman Butt responded to Shastri’s remark by saying that the ex-coach would have understood the scenario better than anyone else. 

Salman Butt, Shastri

 After Virat Kohli stepped down as Test captain at the end of the South Africa test series, the role of India’s test captain is currently vacant. Kohli was previously stripped of his ODI leadership by the BCCI, and he later resigned from his Test captaincy.

 Shastri recognizes the situation better than anybody else, according to Salman Butt.

They are all aware that the environments of the Indian and Pakistani teams are practically the same, but it is terrible that such a mentality persists, and it is possible that this is the cause why top-level athletes fail to give their best. Many barriers stand in their way, and they are their own people.

It’s a shame, but it’s the reality. 

 In a new conversation with Aaj Tak, former Indian head coach Ravi Shastri stated that Kohli might have carried on as Test captain for a few more years, but “the public wouldn’t even have swallowed his achievement.” Previous Pakistani captain Salman Butt responded to Shastri’s remark by saying that the former coach would have understood the circumstances within the Indian cricket squad better than anybody else. 

 He had previously stepped down as captain of the T20 team. All of the recent events and controversies have painted a negative picture of Indian cricket.

 Kohli is India’s most successful test captain, having led the team to 40 wins out of 68 games.

India won the Test series against Australia for the first time on Indian soil and remained at the top of the ICC rankings for a long period.

 He might have represented India for at least 2 years since India would be playing at home in the following two years, and who might be heading over – 9 and 10 jacks, according to the statistics. According to Shastri, who gave his view in Aaj Tak, he would have made it to 50 victories under his command, and many people would have had difficulty accepting that reality.