AEW Rampage Fyter Fest 2022 Review

AEW Rampage Fyter Fest 2022 Review

House of Black defeated Dark Order after Dante’s Inferno on Alex Reynolds.

After the match, Brody King was attacked by Darby Allin, and Sting prevented Black from intervening in the skirmish.

Miro turns to God in a pre-recorded promo, asking if he made a deal with the Devil to stop the Redeemer. Because he can feel this filth, these claws digging into his back and trying to pull him down. Something is happening all around him, and Miro feels his time running out. Should he let the non-Christians take over, or should he rip their heads off and rip their spines out? That’s something Miro doesn’t know anymore. All he knows is that the darker it gets, the better he sees God. So he asks again: did God send House Black to destroy the Redeemer, or is this his way of trying to hire him?

Jonathan Gresham forced the surrender of Lee Moriarty in Octopus Hold, defending the ROH world championship

After the match, the champion promised to appear every week on the AEW editions to prove that he was better than the local stars at everything, but he was interrupted by the outgoing Claudio Costagnoli. TK later confirmed a ROH World Title match between the two at the Death Before Dishonored PPV.

Christopher Daniels addresses Lytal and Co. from behind the scenes, saying that it’s pretty brave to neumdrop Joe and insult him when he’s not in the building, even in state. However, as one of Samoan Machine’s best friends for twenty years, Fallen Angel promises that Joe will teach Lytal another lesson when he meets – how to be strangled. However, since Jay keeps neimdropping, Christopher feels compelled to shut him up.

Chris Stathlander and Athena beat the Renegade Sisters after an Eclipse from Athena on Charlotte.

After the match, Leila Grey said some unflattering things about the winners, but she was not punished as Kiera Hogan and Jade Cargill destroyed both of them with ONE submission each.

Lexie Nair interviews Lee Moriarty in the company of Matt Sidel about tonight’s defeat, but then Stokely Hathaway floats into the frame. He notes that Moriarty has accomplished a lot in a year, but he could have accomplished more, and holds out his card. However, Sidel rips the card out, rips it to shreds, explaining that Stokely is not needed here, and then gives Lee the “chance of a lifetime” for the next one, a match against Dante Martin. He, too, floats into the frame saying “this is Peace, Love and Pro Wrestling.” The athletes shake hands.

Tony Shavoni is in the ring with the Gunn Club, and asks Billy what the hell is going on between them and The Acclaimed. Billy realizes that everyone is upset – he’s upset too. Everyone loves The Acclaimed – and so does he, because for a long time he treated them better than he treated his own children. However, the time comes and dad-ass “has to drop the hammer.” At these words, Custer and Bowens, determined to get serious, fly into the ring. Billy tries to settle the “misunderstanding” by offering to exchange scissor gestures, but gets a superkick, after which both Colton and Austin are thrown out of the ring by The Acclaimed. Custer reads an insulting rap to his enemies and Bowens challenges them to a “right now” match, but Austin refuses and The Gunn Club retreats backstage.

Mark Henry interviews the main eventers, and asks Andrade why he decided to choose The Party People as his representatives. He answers that he is a very busy man. The Partisans congratulate him on his wedding and promise to deal with his opponents. Penta and Rey talk, and Alex translates that Andrade has quickly forgotten the lucha libre culture he himself grew up in, because he should understand and know that stealing a mask from a luchador is not an act that can make El Idolo better than his brothers. And yes, Andrade is a piece of garbage. This concludes the interview – IT’S TIME FOR A MAIN IVENT!

Lucha Brothers beat Private Party after Black Fire Driver by Phoenix on Mark Quinn

It so happened that we had to broadcast this issue with our commentary in honor of the publisher’s birthday – so the review was easy to write, and despite the fact that I called the issue not bad at the end of the broadcast – after forty minutes I have to admit – it’s not interesting. Here’s the main problem with this Rampage – a blatant filler, with no interest in anything other than the fate of the ROH championship, but you have to admit that’s very little, especially if you compare it to the earlier episodes with Brian Danielson, for example. Very weak, and that makes it sad.