Alex Correja assesses Rafael Nadal’s chances of recovering for Roland Garros

Two-time Roland Garros finalist and former second-ranked Spaniard Alex Correja has commented on Rafael Nadal’s chances of recovering for Roland Garros.

Alex Correja assesses Rafael Nadal's chances

Nadal, 35, was diagnosed with a cracked rib after his performance at the Masters in Indian Wells, USA. The tennis player will miss four to six weeks. The French Open 2022 will be held from May 22 to June 5. Rafael has won the tournament 13 times.

“Rafa’s injury was an absolute surprise. He was in great shape, winning matches. It really was a great start to the season. But sometimes it happens that after a long break, you start playing a lot and practicing intensely, and it leads to injuries.

The real horror is that it happened at a time when he was about to start the best part of the season for him – the grass tournaments. Now he’s going to have to go through recovery, get back to training, and hopefully he can play at Roland Garros, because really the expectations and hopes are very high for him to win again in Paris. I hope he has time to get in shape, I honestly believe Rafa should be on tour at this point.”