Anderson is waiting for a signal from England

James Anderson and Stuart Broad, England’s all-time top Test wicket-takers with 1177 wickets between them, have been left out of the 16-man team for the three-match Test series against the West Indies in March.

Anderson is waiting for a signal from England

After England’s Test defeat to the West Indies, captain Joe Root stated that the team’s mindset had vastly improved

 “There’s a lot going on, with people losing their jobs and other things. I would have preferred a face-to-face meeting, but that is not always available. 

Anderson denied hearing about his words, but he also denied steering the side in the wrong way. He stated, “I’ve been doing what I’ve been doing for a long time, and I feel like I know what I’m doing.”

Right-arm spinner James Anderson says he hasn’t heard from England since being controversially booted from the squad, but that he expects to hear from them once a new coach and director of cricket are in place.

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