Andrey Rublev on Roger Federer’s comeback from Wimbledon

Andrey Rublev on Roger Federer's comeback from Wimbledon

Rublev, eighth-ranked player in the world, has talked about the return of former number one Roger Federer of Switzerland, a 20-times Grand Slam champion. Federer, 40, has not played since Wimbledon 2021. It was announced yesterday, April 26, that he will play at a tournament in Basel, Switzerland, in October.

“Of course, he’ll try to play a few more tournaments. But honestly, I think it’s very difficult to come back after such a long absence from the court.

He had a serious injury that’s hard to heal from in a short period of time. Dominic Thiem was off the court for almost a year, and it’s very hard for him to get back to that phenomenal level that we’re used to.

As for Roger himself, he’s only played a couple of tournaments in the last two years. Obviously it’s hard to come back after that. Of course he’ll try, it’ll be interesting, but I don’t know how it’ll work out,”

Rublev said.