Arsenal is trying to resist the leaders

Arsenal is trying to resist the leaders

The Super Cup match between Liverpool and Manchester City (3-1) reminded us once again that these two forces are dominant in the APL. And for sure the new championship title will be played out between them. Many are already in anticipation of this great long run. Their rivalry has set a new standard of opposition. City have won the title four times in the last five seasons, with another title for Liverpool. And before the new season, both teams have seriously strengthened.

However, even with the superiority felt by Liverpool and Manchester City over everyone else, we should not turn a blind eye to the competition. Let’s see who else can theoretically challenge the pair. What the heck.


There have been significant changes at Chelsea: The fairly successful era of Roman Abramovich is over. And the structural changes cannot pass without leaving a trace. In this case, Chelsea have shown with their acquisitions that they will not waste time on restructuring and take a pause. “The Blues want to remain on the level of a top club, so they have to compensate for their losses with the newcomers of the same class. You can hardly compare Sterling and Lukaku, for example.

Tuchel will have to rebuild the scheme of the game. He may well use a fluid combination in attack with the likes of Haverz, Werner, Sterling and Pulisic. A more direct replacement for Rüdiger is Coulibaly. In any case, however, Chelsea are on the road to reform, and this is unlikely to sustain Liverpool’s high tempo with City.


After a poor start last season, Spurs were able to rebuild their renaissance and jump into fourth place. And now they will try to build on that and go even higher. In any case, the transfer and preseason playing and tactical preparation show the seriousness of Tottenham, which has not lost its resources, and has even strengthened all the lines.

Spurs now have impressive squad depth, which will allow them to pull out tough matches. The signing of Perisic from Inter for free is a sure stroke of luck that will allow you to forget about Bergwein. And Risharlison will add power and variety to the attack, and strengthen Bissoum’s position in midfield.

In addition, there are no curiosities and rumors around Kane, which spoiled the preparation for last season and its start. Right now, Tottenham looks very promising in terms of both playmaking, psychology and personnel. They could trouble the two favourites, but there is a question of stability if they are to compete for the title, which must be immaculate.


Arsenal disappointed fans last season, letting Tottenham ahead in the race for fourth place. There were a lot of questions about the formation of the squad, the attitude of the players to the team. Everything seemed to be falling apart. However, the pre-season preparation this time was impressive. “Arsenal showed not just a great game, defeating Chelsea and Sevilla, but also boasts a great atmosphere in the team, as well as a fighting spirit.

In addition, the Canaries managed to carry out a more or less sensible transfer campaign, strengthening all the weak areas. In general, the appearance of Jesus from Manchester City was regarded by many as a sensation and a huge success for the Canaries. “Arsenal last season was the youngest team in the league. Now the squad should be more balanced. Although there will still be a bias in the direction of young players. However, they have become more experienced and older in one year. That’s just the stability, which is necessary for the title challenger, is hardly enough for Arsenal.

Manchester United

This season marks ten years since MJ last won the Premier League. There is no trace of its former dominance – just memories. Erik ten Hag has now been tasked with raising the giant’s greatness and building United’s new game. How many attempts have different coaches made since Alex Ferguson’s departure? At different stages, their perspectives have fluctuated greatly, their methods and status have varied greatly, but the overall result is still the same – you have to try again.

Last season Manchester City hit rock bottom, setting an anti-record for points, finishing sixth, and destroying all the ties within the team. It succeeded in destroying it to the ground. Now all we have to do is build something. A significant cleanup of the roster ensued. Eriksen’s emergence can be taken as a good sign, but there are still many unresolved issues regarding the situation inside the team. What about Maguire, who was booed by his own fans last season? What to do with Ronaldo, whose future is shrouded in mystery? There are a lot of questions, and they will not be solved by the start of the season. Ten Hag will have to build the team as the season progresses, and that always comes with losses.

Anyone else?

Perhaps, if we draw by ear, we can try to name Newcastle. After all, the forty now have a lot of money and big ambitions. The first part of last season was carried out by them poorly. But with Eddie Howe on the coaching bench the situation has improved. In the second half of last season Newcastle scored 38 points, losing only to Liverpool (48) and Manchester City (46) just.


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