Athena defeated Kierra Hogan by holding after Eclipse

Athena defeated Kierra Hogan by holding after Eclipse

During Hogan’s exit, a promo was shown by Stokely Hathaway in which he promised that Kiera would show Athena California love in the form of a “zadonation.

There is good news and bad news. The good – AEW got a good performer, with a pretty good arsenal aimed specifically at spectacular wrestling, and something Athena showed in her debut.

The Bad – Kiera, unfortunately, despite all the wins in the Impact, remains a very raw and green performer for a TV product. She doesn’t keep the pace of the match, her arsenal isn’t fabulous, and well, twisting her heel on TV isn’t enough to make a women’s match good.

Video from House of Black. Malakai asks House members to come out, and when they join him, he says that for some, the story is too good to be true in their minds. But it also confirms the saying that “The House always wins.” And it’s not about luck, no, it’s a gracefully and artfully executed plan in which every detail has been paid attention to. Julia Hart goes on to say that the plan is executed according to the laws of human cruelty. So we can celebrate – isn’t that what we want? – For these are the fruits of our labor.

The AEW champion enters the ring, and you can read the obvious sadness on his face. The music fades, and Punk takes a long time to begin his speech, and you can see the tears in his eyes. Eventually Phil says that when he arrived at the arena, every bone in his body was screaming for him to turn around and go home and hug his wife and Larry. And when he talks about every bone in his body, he talks about the broken ones, too. Yet his brain tells him to stay, because the audience deserves an explanation – and that’s why he’s here. Punk said when he came to AEW that he would give his all until “the wheels fell off.” And he has good news and bad news, because the last thing he wanted to feel was that he let the fans down, the last thing he wanted to do was disappoint them. And he hopes he didn’t make the audience feel that way. He loves every second he’s in that ring, every time he’s been in the ring in front of an audience is a gift he didn’t count on ever having. So here’s the bad news: Punk is injured and needs surgery. Several “things” are broken, the biggest being his heart, because he loves to perform, and all he wanted was one more damn run. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that he can keep performing. Punk said he would keep going until “the wheels fell off,” and the “wheels” are there, just one of them broke. However, he was coming back after the worst, and feeling better than he did today. This “bump in the road” hurts, hurts like hell, because he wants to fight, including now. And that means it’s time to talk about this title, time to talk about what it means to be a champion. Phil was telling Han that he doesn’t want to hold up the development of this spot, because there’s a long list of talent that could be in his place. He talks about Brian Danielson, he talks about John Moxley. Phil’s not here to stand in anyone’s way, he told Tony he’s vacant for the title – but the boss said he believes in CM Punk. And he believes it’s just a “bump in the road” – and that’s what Phil needed to hear, because sometimes he was disappointed in himself, and those doubts gnawed at him from the inside and could ruin everything. But standing here in the ring, in front of an audience, Punk promises one thing – he won’t let doubts take over, and a comeback would be a better solution than humility. He is a champion for a reason, and he will show why – he will come back, and he will be stronger, faster, tougher and hungrier than ever before, and God knows he will prove why he really is the best in the world!

Mark Henry interviews the main eventers, and asks Martin about what he said at the last show about being better than the current TNT champion. Dante confirms his words, he says he thought so, but his “thought” turned into “know” because Matt Sydel has his back. Matt confirms this, and says we’re seeing the next champion, and he hopes Scorp has learned something from the “killers” at ATT, because he’ll have to kill the challenger to hold the title. “We’re the best highflyers, we die flying – or die trying. You’ll see what I’m talking about tonight.” Ethan Page chuckles, saying that apparently Sydel hasn’t watched DoN, because they are the “killers.” Lambert notes that Dante is one of the best “prospects” in the roster, but to him it’s just a big “If” question – but if the queen had balls, she’d be king. But we’re looking at TNT’s only King. Scorp says it’s too much of a game for those who talk about “Peace, Love, Pro Wrestling,” and he wonders if Dante can back up his words. And so the champ asks Henry to “hit the line” because he can’t wait one more moment to sink his teeth down this “kid’s” throat. Mark doesn’t make himself ask twice. it’s time for a main event!


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