529 days without soccer at Real Madrid. It’s time for Azar to restart his soccer career

Azar 529 days without soccer at Real Madrid

Real Madrid

It makes sense that this would be the first club where we could see Azar next season if negotiations with buyers break down. But what is the point of paying Eden millions of euros for training? At best for ball lessons, because he missed 529 days in a couple of years at Madrid due to injuries. The Belgian never made the substitution against Barcelona, meaning he hasn’t even played once in the El Clasico over the years. “Real Madrid lost 0-4 at home, but even Azar’s appearance didn’t change anything. He had 352 games, 110 goals and 92 assists for Chelsea. At Real Madrid he scored just 6 times in 65 games, and 10 assists does not pay back the cost of the contract and the signing of the player. Recall, Perez spent together about 160 million euros, that is 45 million more than initially stated. One of the most unsuccessful transfers in the history of soccer, an incredible drop in the value of a great player.


Azar dreams of returning to London, but there is a significant obstacle. If Abramovich’s club is allowed to change ownership, there could be a reshuffle in the management. Granovska and Cech know Eden and may believe in his desire to return to the APL and not a foreign club. But the new boss will want to set his own rules. Azar’s contract with Real Madrid is until 2024, so no one will give him away for free. Mount and Havertz can play left center under a striker, so Eden purely on position is not a priority target for Chelsea. Especially since they’re building a different soccer with Tuchel. Abramovich’s sentiment may have led to the return of the crowd favorite, but now things have changed.


The Wolves executives could bring in Azar, it would be a transfer in their style. Obviously, there is no way to slash the price. Dan Friedkin, the new owner of the club who is coached by Mourinho, has the money to sign a star on the flank of the attack. We remember how Roma played with Salah in the base, players of a similar format will suit Jose. The Portuguese knows Azar and his capabilities very well. But then we remember the injuries. The Belgian’s salary will definitely be less than it is now in Madrid, but such masters do not play for pennies. “Roma will take a closer look, but will also take into account the player’s age – 31 years old. It is clear that Mkhitaryan is even older and likely to leave, so there will be a place for a dispatcher with a pass. But will Jose Mourinho be the right mentor for Azar’s rehabilitation period? It’s hard to say, because even Ancelotti, the famous teacher of soccer stars, didn’t squeeze a strong season out of Eden. The Belgian now has his fourth injury of the season, a fractured fibula, and is not expected on the field until May.


This month, it was reported that the Canaries were allegedly interested in signing Azar. It’s an odd rumor, as Arteta has a young team with enough men in the second wave of the attack. Edegor, Saka, and Smith-Rowe have the ability to give the last passes and score goals. Mikel rather needs a center forward if the thirty-year-old Lacazette finds a new team. In addition, Azar understands how Chelsea fans will perceive his decision to move to Arsenal. There is not as much animosity between these clubs as with the Canaries and Spurs, but this is a London ground, so Azar should think many times before deciding to take such a step as playing for the neighbors of his home club from the capital of Great Britain. Arteta can put on a couple of experienced men to dilute his “kindergarten” side, but Eden is hardly the ideal candidate to be the leader of a squad of young fighters.


Let’s not forget how Juventus are doing. Allegri is now in fourth place in Serie A, having pulled away from Roma, Atalanta and Lazio, and could even cut into the battle for the top places if Szczesny performs better in Serie A than he did in the Champions League. But the departure from the prestigious tournament was a reminder of the former hegemon’s systemic problems. “Juventus is likely to lose Dybala, as talk of a “freeze in negotiations” indicates directly that a consensus is far away. Paulo will leave, Morata could also leave. Chiesa is injured, Rabiot is not suited to everyone in the team. People in attack will be needed, and then Azar with his experience can try to start from scratch. Not to say that guys who “broke” at Real Madrid always come back, but for every Michael Owen there is an Arjen Robben. True, Azar is more years old than the Dutchman was when he ended up with the German champion from Munich after a failed transfer from Chelsea to Madrid.


And here is a club where Azar can get both money, and the role of leader, and playing time without much competition, which will meet even with Arsenal. “The Magpies haven’t started the process of throwing money around yet, they just want to keep the right to play in the APL. But everyone understands that once they fulfill the task – a series of three wins has helped break away from the danger zone – they can further negotiate with the stars. Players like Coutinho have turned them down so far. But in the summer, Azar could become one of the first “swallows” of the new era, following the unfortunate Trippier, who returned home in the winter. Except then Kieran suffered a broken bone in his left foot and is out indefinitely.

There were good reasons for Azar’s numerous injuries – it is unlikely that Eden, prone to overeating, always complied with the doctors’ instructions and was in perfect shape for recovery. But let’s remember how luxurious the Belgian looked and chopped in the APL. La Liga and Real have not suited him, but he could play in a familiar league. Especially at a club which is designed on the template of Chelsea. Of course, the Newcastle squad is weaker than the Londoners were on the day Abramovich bought the club, but the project is interesting, and they definitely need the man. Eden Hazard was at one point the best player in the APL, so it’s very stupid and frustrating that in Madrid he had to lose so much of a resource that even money can’t buy – time. We wish him to find the right club to continue his career, as he definitely has the strength for two or three strong seasons.

The main thing is that there should also be a desire, because the example of Bale, who was nicknamed “parasite” by the evil Spaniards, is indicative. Two outstanding players, who could create with Benzema the perfect attacking line, do not drag Real Madrid to the trophies. And if the Welshman has done it before, the Belgian has disappointed in Spain and now even a successful loan will be a breath of fresh air.