Bad news for Nagelsmann. Gnabry no deal with Bayern, Alaba calls for Real Madrid

It seems that Nagelsmann, dissatisfied with Bayern’s transfer policy, will have to be even sadder. Rumors of Serge Gnabry’s unwillingness to extend his contract, valid until the summer of 2023, with the Munich side have been creeping in since the fall.

David Alaba, calls Gnabry to Real Madrid

The German press claims that Serge wants a pay rise, as he currently earns less than Kingsley Coman and Leroy Sane. The 26-year-old winger demands about 15 million euros a year, excluding bonuses. “Bayern” in turn does not want to let the player go, but on such contract terms is hardly ready to go. As always, there are many who would like to take advantage of the situation.

Real Madrid

New details were shared by Sport Bild the day before. David Alaba, who switched from Bayern to Real Madrid in the summer, decided to lobby for the transfer of Gnabry to the club from Madrid. The source claims that the Munich club will decide to sell Serge in the summer if they do not agree on new terms. The player is not happy with such an option, he would like to leave Bayern in the summer window of 2023.

It is also noted that Gnabry, in addition to the salary, is not satisfied with his role in the team. He does not like the fact that Nagelsmann uses him all over the flank, forcing him to act both offensively and defensively. Serj would like to have more freedom and move to the center of the field more often.


At the dawn of his career Gnabry changed six academies in Germany, and in 2011 he moved to England, where he was taken by Arsenal, and in 2012 gave him a chance in the first team. In the system of the “canoniers” Serge stayed until 2016, during this time he went on an unsuccessful lease to West Bromwich, for which he played only one match. Forty coach Tony Puglis stated that Gnabry “has not reached the necessary level” to play for his team, and already in January the German was recalled from his loan due to a lack of games. Serge played a total of only 18 games for Arsenal. The situation was also marred by a knee injury, due to which the player missed most of the 2014/15 season, and in the summer of 2016 Gnabry was sold to Werder. Arsene Wenger spoke about that situation a few years later:

We tried for a long time to extend his contract. I think Bayern manipulated him behind the scenes in such a way that if he moved to Werder, then he would join the Munich side.

Gnabry has always been the most talented guy, but at certain stages he lacked confidence. But we always thought we had a player who could do a lot.

Then Gnabry came back from a very bad rental at West Bromwich, where his confidence was stifled. I tried to help him because I believed in him.

Now, according to British media reports, the London club is thinking about bringing Serge back. It is claimed that the Canaries are ready to pay around 75 million euros for his transfer. Gnabry always spoke warmly of his former club after his departure, taking pictures and recording videos in Arsenal jerseys and responding to the team’s fans. The possibility of the “cannoniers” getting into the Champions League at the end of the season could convince Serge to return.

Also, the press launched rumors of interest in the winger from Barcelona, Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea and Tottenham. There are no details and interesting nuances about these clubs, only interest, which obviously is not surprising.

Serge does not slow down

This season Gnabry continues to produce consistently high figures, despite the uncertain situation with the future and uncomfortable tactics for him. Serge played in 36 games in all competitions out of a possible 38, scored 13 goals and made 9 assists. The versatility and unpredictability of the winger, which in him noted the last few seasons, did not go anywhere.

All the sharpness of Bayern’s attack often depends on Serge, who can at any second of the match to change the flank, go deeper or higher, use increased pressure, create an attack with several ideal developments in several directions. And his almost ideal “two-footedness” allows him to make awkward crosses for the opponent on both flanks.

Serge’s flexibility is evident in almost every game. It’s no problem for Gnabry to open behind his back, make a cut-and-pass, play one-on-one on the wing or make an accurate cross, even if he’s tired. He almost always understands what action is required in a particular episode of the game.

Serge could be called a weakness of the struggle in the air, sometimes offensive mistakes on long passes, but given all the versatility, you should not demand more, there are certainly 9 other players in the team.

The legendary Bayern defender Markus Babbel recently spoke flatteringly of Gnabry, making clear the player’s importance to the team:

I hope he stays at Bayern. Now all the German media are talking about Lewandowski, Müller and Neuer, but they never mention that Gnabry is also at risk, because his contract expires in 2023. I’m very afraid that he won’t sign a new deal.

I like the kind of striker he is. Not only does he create chances and make assists, but he also scores. Not many wingers score goals and he has 10 to 15 goals a season.

I don’t understand why he’s not highly regarded by the club and the media, because to me he’s fantastic.