Barcelona is preparing Ronaldo for his return to La Liga

Barcelona is preparing Ronaldo for his return to La Liga

Ronaldo rumors for the sake of pressure on Bayern

Mendes’ agent has so many great players in “servitude” that the meeting with Laporta was not sensational. João knows that while Xavi and Messi are on the phone and Lionel is hinting at a return to Barcelona next summer – his contract with PSG is only until mid-2023 – the Catalan president needs to twist and turn in the transfer market.

Otherwise Xavi will not have a team with which to rush into battle with Real Madrid. And not in just one El Clasico. The 4-0 victory did not help the team’s form to win the Europa League. Barcelona’s personnel potential is limited, while there are serious financial problems. Laporta has discussed with Mendes the fate of Leau, Rubén Neves and Bernardo Silva, but this is talk of dreams.

Only Bernardo’s departure from Manchester City was allowed by both the midfielder himself and coach Guadiola. Josep transferred forward Torres to his native Catalonia, and now the sun of Manchester City soccer is on the horizon. Ronaldo wants out. It is clear that Laporta may have started contract rumors with the Portuguese in order to intensify talks with Bayern Munich over the king of Polish soccer, Lewandowski.

Robert insists on a move to Spain, but so far the Catalans have not convinced Can and Salihamidzic. But the emergence of rumors about Cristiano could motivate the Germans to agree with the Polish forward’s decision. Even Bayern fans write that the club is not treating Lewandowski very nicely. The forward came for free, scored goals and won trophies for many years. We should let him go in peace.

Xavi has assembled a decent middle line

Gavi and Pedri are great youngsters that Hernandez would love to give thousands of minutes on the field. Busquets remains, Kessier has arrived. And the reason for his departure from the champion Milan to the crisis Barcelona called just the coach. Xavi is respected. The same Franky de Jong is in no hurry to go to Manchester City, although United insist. The Catalans have made statements that absolve them of responsibility in the event of a transfer, but it’s a tricky game again.

Laporta understands that money is needed, Franky is the most expensive to part with. There are beaten wolves at the helm of Barcelona right now. They’re hovering around Bernardo Silva – it’s possible that the Portuguese is being offered a place on the flank of the attack, not in the middle of the field. Also, despite the presence of Fati and negotiations with Dembele – Ousmane seems to stay, ready to sign a two-year contract, it will be possible to use both Gavi and Torres on the edges.

Perhaps in some matches, Kessier will be the backup for Busquets, because no one prevents him from deploying a triangle with Pedri as the “ten”. Xavi has the young heart of Barcelona. It remains to check the kidneys and limbs. But to “repair” these parts of the team needs money. It’s bad for the club that people that Xavi definitely doesn’t need in the squad have dropped so much, because the exit list is longer than the acquisition shortlist.

Griezmann, Depay, Braithwaite and Pjanic, Puig, Umtiti and Lengle are definitely on the list. But if you add them to the two de Jongs, Coutinho and Alves, you need a crowd of reserves. Laporta is aiming for free agents, but Alonso and Aspilicueta have yet to join Kessier and Christensen. There are great players in the center of the field, but the defense and the center of attack are sore spots. At the edge are Luke de Jong and Aubameyang, unreliable options for obvious reasons.

Without defense and a forward, tiki-taka won’t work

Barcelona doesn’t need Ronaldo, just as the Blaugranas don’t need Cristiano. Despite the whistles of some Real Madrid fans against him, the Portuguese is not going to cross himself off the list of legends of the “cream”. A move to the Catalan club will be perceived in Madrid as a betrayal. And Xavi will betray expectations if he does not deliver decent soccer with the not terrible squad that is emerging after the transfers. “Barcelona is far from financial prosperity, but its reputation allows it to pay its debts with new loans. This is how they live, while dreaming of a strong defense. “Barcelona is interested in Kunde. Araujo is fine, but Pique has problems with his health, his attitude to work and communication with the club’s management, because Gerard was engaged in business, a young student with whom he had an affair, and was not engaged in the organization of redoubts.

In the soccer manager’s world, Barcelona fans would like to replace ter Stegen with a more predictable goalkeeper, but the German is not that bad. Rather, the fluctuations in his play reflect the overall state of the defense. Xavi needs to work with the poles of the team. If the defense starts to play like a regular grandee, and passes in the center of attack go to Lewandowski, then Barcelona will tactically become a meaningful team.

It’s hardly worth playing a 3-5-2 since there’s no great right winger yet, but the decision to let Alves go speaks to the desire to find real competition for Desta and Roberto. Yes, and Alba on the left has aged. But it is enough to take extreme defenders, albeit veterans like Aspilicueta and Alonso, so that Xavi does not worry about the wings in attack or defense. It is also fundamental to beat a stubborn Bayern, without Lewandowski the porridge will be stale.

Perhaps the Aubameyang fans will try to prove that Pierre-Emerick is great. But Arteta will argue with you. The Gabonese has had problems with discipline. Even at the start of his career at AC Milan, it was understood that Aubameyang was capricious. “Barcelona definitely need the stubborn professional Lewandowski. Bernardo will come in handy at the same time. The Portuguese is incredibly confident. If Kessier is muscle and bravery, then Silva is like Modric – with game intelligence.

Bernardo hasn’t exhausted his ambitions with the Citizens, he wants to be the first fiddle. And it’s telling that great players still choose Barcelona. It’s nice to be, in the years of a terrible financial crisis for the club, a team with history and identity. Lewandowski and Silva would have found more stable teams, but they want to take their chances with Xavi. Considering that scouts and school have gifted a couple of young guys – the new Barcelona will have a chance to surprise.

The reserve players are clinging to their contracts, but Araujo, Pedri and Gavi could become world-class players if they keep plowing through. Yes, and Real Madrid in La Liga could help the blaugranas. In the last ten years, despite Ronaldo and European victories, the “Sliços” have only won the Spanish title three times. Barcelona have six titles, but the last one is three years old. When Lewandowski arrives, don’t be in a hurry to bet all your money on an easy Real Madrid title.


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