Bayern punished Lewandowski for his honesty

Bayern punished Lewandowski for his honesty

The Pole is criticized for his sincerity

Displayed deliberate politeness is always hypocritical. There is no education or respect for the other person behind it. Lewandowski has made no secret of his attitude. But he didn’t say anything offensive to Bayern. The desire to leave does not mean that the Pole does not respect the club and the fans. With his goals, he has amassed an impressive collection of trophies. Lewandowski did incredible things, like scoring five goals in nine minutes after coming on as a substitute.

The forward broke Gerd Müller’s record in the Bundesliga and deserved at least one Ballon d’Or. Bayern has not a single moral reason to keep Lewandowski by force, as they do. And there are no other reasons. In a year, the Pole will leave for free. In the case of an adequate farewell to be saved on the forward’s salary and transfer money to Barcelona. And also buy time for Nagelsmann to approve and recruit a replacement.

Lewandowski makes sure that Bayern does not lose the season aimlessly by relying on a player who is guaranteed to leave. It is unclear where the misconception comes from that an important employee of the huge Bayern concern, one of the best in history, has no right to be honest with the club and the fans. Lewandowski is a big boy, made the decision to leave, chose Barcelona, and is making efforts to make the transfer happen.

Can someone explain what is the genius of the plan of Kahn and Salihamidzic, who made a scandal, even mocking along the way, insulting the best player? Imagine being forcefully kept in a job that you leave. For many industries, it’s simply illegal, but for soccer, a form of labor slavery has become the norm. We certainly will not see Lewandowski in perfect condition if he is not released to Barcelona now.

Robert is already because of nerves, because the family is threatened with reprisals, and the scandal risks to fail in an unfamiliar La Liga. But since the Pole is ready, at a respectable age for soccer, to question the legacy under Xavi – his right.

Barcelona humiliated in negotiations

Bayern has long disliked the Catalan club. When the Blaugranas pulled off a Neymar transfer by roundabout means, it was clear in Munich that such methods would not work for them. And Guardiola insisted on buying the Brazilian when he worked in the Bundesliga. Now Bayern are demanding all the money for Lewandowski from Barcelona in one transfer, a rarity in the world of transfers. The Germans have told the Spaniards that they expect the Catalan club to go bankrupt.

Had it not been for the position of Lewandowski, who helps Laporta, João could have curtailed negotiations after that statement. Barcelona’s financial problems are real, but Bayern’s Kahn and Salihamidzic have had too much audacity. Hennesse and Rummenigge were prickly managers, hence so many fights, scandals and turbulent everyday life in Munich, but their successors too believed in the exclusivity of the Germans in soccer.

The Spaniards also know how to play the game. Lewandowski wants to join the crisis-ridden Barcelona instead of the prosperous Bayern, also a slap on the nose for the club. It is only unclear why Nagelsmann is sitting in ambush. The coach should have spoken out long ago in favor of parting ways, otherwise the team will suffer.

Can hasn’t found a replacement for Lewandowski

The real reason for the disrespectful behavior? Prior to Lewandowski’s departure statements, Bayern was actively looking for a replacement for him. Robert took offense. The club complain that the contract should be fulfilled to the end, but at the same time they scoured the market. They were looking for the contract of Kane’s brother, came out to his father Holand. Negotiations between Salihamidzic and Erling’s representatives broke down, the forward did not choose Barcelona, Real Madrid or Bayern.

The Germans have lost the race, making a thankless Lewandowski. But there is nothing extraordinary in his decision. The footballer has long thought about leaving. But first he did a lot of good, and then he chose a warm country to move to. The leadership of Bayern should have given a lavish farewell, official thanks that the free agent in his time chose Munich, and not left for Real Madrid when Perez was calling.

The Germans are willing to sacrifice everything and everyone for their own sake. Pure selfishness. This is best illustrated by Kahn’s position on the fundamental rule of the Bundesliga – “50+1”. No legal or natural person can own more than half of the club’s capital. Hennesse, and now Kahn, are pushing for a repeal of the law, because Bayern recorded a drop in revenues after the coronavirus, personal contracts were handed out generously. Now money is needed.

More than half of the board votes must remain with the clubs. This does not suit the potential investors of the team from Munich. Only thanks to the rule there has not been an epidemic of bankruptcies in German soccer, the laws are not always written only in the name of the interests of Bayern.

Bayern needs money from Barcelona

It is clear that Leipzig with Tedesco and Borussia Dortmund with interesting newcomers will be hard to compete with Bayern in the Bundesliga. But the managers of the champions themselves missed the moment when they should have signed a new center forward. Now they have forced Lewandowski, who has already said goodbye to everyone, to undergo a medical, delaying his departure to Barcelona. But if the Pole is retained, the crowd’s attitude toward him will change.

The fans are unlikely to accept that Bayern, represented by the management, is completely wrong in this story. And when the player leaves, Nagelsmann will take a risk on the field, because Mane as a false forward will not necessarily cope. The whole team is so used to playing Lewandowski, it will take time to change the approach. The scandal began because of Bayern’s position. Moreover, the Germans have noticed another curious point.

While Robert is being forced to stay in Munich they are very much waiting for money from Barcelona, because Bayern do not have enough money for the deal with De Ligt. In public it’s one thing, but in the club office it’s another. So the issue of Lewandowski should have been closed in negotiations. The fans usually come out with a final decision. But here they are bidding and waiting for Lewandowski to break down and sign for Chelsea or PSG.

The Catalans are begging for new sponsors. Laporta seems to have found money for newcomers. Dembele stays, Rafinha’s move has been officially announced. Lewandowski is next, and his transfer will cost in the region of 160 million euros with the salary and interest of the agent Zahavi. Fifty million will go to Bayern. The Germans are more selfish than they could be with a similar financial result.