Bayern set their sights on winning the Champions League

Bayern set their sights on winning the Champions League

Ronaldo doesn’t fit the bill

Nagelsmann denied that he had asked to sign Cristiano. Kahn added that he could not invite Ronaldo to Bayern and explained his reasons. We would love to work with the Portuguese forward, but his wild salary is a time bomb. The same Lewandowski was not interested in money right now – at Barcelona he agreed to a lower salary and wrote a clause on parting after two years, but in Munich the players were fighting over salaries.

It is possible that the German club used Barcelona’s tactic of naming the wrong amounts. The Spaniards are sure that the Catalans are lying to journalists by revealing the transfer value of Lewandowski through acquaintances. They are likely to give €60m for Robert and €20m to Zahavy’s agent if the Pole stays at Barcelona until the end of his contract. Laporta does not want to anger both team fans and veterans. Alba, Pique and Busquets are offended that the banquet is at their expense.

The rich also cry, and the departure of Lewandowski is a blow to Bayern. No one has any idea how dependent the team is on the striker. The talk that Robert was scoring from one meter is absurd. We’re talking about a forward who used to scare other people’s defenses into shaky knees. Kalajdzic or Mane can’t do that. Gnabry and Sane too, they along with Coman should create a new trio supported by the eternal Muller, who was looking for a new club, but changed his mind and stayed.

De Ligt should strengthen Neuer’s defense

Defense has been a global problem. Upamecano and Hernandez are fine players in terms of characteristics, but together in Bayern’s defense they made surprisingly trivial mistakes. Let’s not make up as if David Alaba did not have the same mistakes, and Hummels and Boateng are not without sin. But Bayern, with Pavar, Upamekano, Hernandez and Davies, did not play defense as befitting a Champions League winner.

Of course, Real also bet on Courtois’ saves, but Neuer is not at the age or status to spin like De Hea in the MJ goal. De Ligt turned down ten Hague’s offer but agreed to move to Bayern. At Juventus, Matthijs had enough problems adapting. Bonucci and Chiellini won Euro 2020 a year ago, and when the Dutchman began to be trusted, he was not seen as the rosy-cheeked teenager who led the handsome Ajax side.

In Turin, the Dutchman took risks, made mistakes, did not get used to the team and strongly wanted to leave it. He looked at Barcelona, but they chose to spend money on Lewandowski. On the other hand, selling Robert allows me to close the deal with Matthijs. The transfer is very expensive, a repeat of Bayern’s club record. De Ligt is only 22 years old, the Germans are betting on a promising player who just failed to choose a previous club.

It happens so that in one grand club a player fails to fit in, like Robben at Real Madrid, and then performs magnificently for another club for many years. It’s natural for the Dutch to come back. Van der Sar didn’t make it at Juventus, but became a wall at MJ. Overmars was great at Arsenal, but got lost at Barcelona. De Ligt did not leave a bright mark in Turin, but in Munich we are more likely to see a motivated player whose class is higher than that of Süle.

Can do without de Jong, but need Kane

Citizen Kane is more of a reference point. Salihamidzic has not convinced Holand, and negotiations with Levy on Harry are even more difficult to conduct than with representatives of Borussia D, where they have been refusing transfers to Bayern lately. Dortmund have burned themselves on such a strategy before. Laimer from Leipzig and de Jong from Barcelona could move to Munich, although in the latter case it seems as if Francky’s agent is using Bayern.

Yes, Manchester United will not play in the Champions League. And the Catalan club needs the money. The issue of parting with the midfielder seems to be closed. All that remains is to find a buyer with the most generous offer. Why would Bayern, which had Kimmich and Goretzka, need de Jong? Frankie can roll the ball like Alcantara, and Jozef has undeniable dispatching talents that are easier to unleash when someone is guarding the defensive zone.

But what was missing was more of a guy like Gravenberg. The transfer of Ryan, who at 20 years old is more tactically flexible than de Jong, is another reason not to believe Bayern is in the hunt for Frankie more actively than MJ. But the rumors of negotiations with Kane are far more interesting. We know Tottenham’s owners, you can’t buy snow from them in winter. Given the Conte factor, I bet the English won’t give up Harry. Especially with the 2022 World Cup ahead, the stars are afraid to change leagues and countries.

Munich has everything, but something is missing

The team that has everything is not out of the league from Villarreal. “Bayern has been eyeing Son. Nagelsmann is happy that Klopp has prepared Mane as a “false nine”. It looks like the original plan is to put the Senegalese as a forward in the penalty area. Gnabry, Sane and Muller will help the newcomer. But Munich has played many years with born strikers like Luca Toni, Klose or Lewandowski.

Kane should think about who fits and who Bayern, which doesn’t have as much money as it used to, can afford. Kane is a dream transfer. Osimhen from Napoli is not easy to get either, although De Laurentiis has promised to change his negotiating policy. Bayern’s scandalous reaction to Lewandowski’s decisions to leave is definitely linked with the club’s understanding that there is simply no ideal replacement for Robert on the market.

It’s also related to greed – they were beating Barcelona for more money. But in terms of cost, characteristics and style of soccer, it is difficult to find someone better than Lewandowski for Bayern. You can get three strong lines, and then Mane will not play in the center, Kalajdzic will turn out to be the new Sandro Wagner, and again there will be no Champions League final. Plus in the Bundesliga, the wily Tedesco and Terzic will get involved, as the champions will be reset.

If Ronaldo’s wages weren’t so huge and the forward himself a couple of years younger, he could have been considered as an option for a few seasons. Nagelsmann will look for someone like Schick, but the Czech is not like Lewandowski. Robert’s class is too high for his departure to be unaffected. We lost a man who scored over 500 goals in a career at a high level. There are only twenty-three such players in the history of soccer.