Bayern won the Bundesliga in the first round

Bayern won the Bundesliga in the first round

“Bayern” threw five goals to “Leipzig”, won in the Super Cup 5:3. Then scored six goals against Eintracht, the winners of Barcelona and the Europa League – 6:1. And they distinguished themselves five times in a half. Many are crowning Nagelsmann again, and rightly so. Without Lewandowski, the attack will be different, and Julian puts Kimmich, Davies, Upamekano, Musiala, Müller and Mane to such difficult tasks that it is safe to call the Bayern game the soccer of the future.

Insane bet on the attack, chaotic at first glance pressing, the rejection of a pure holding midfielder, the original actions in the attack, where Muller and Gnabry are also forwards, as well as Mane. And at the same time no one is a striker. “Bayern is one of the favorites of the Champions League and the major clubs of the world. The defensive jokes won’t make much difference. Yes, Neuer will start to beat the opponent after a difficult pass and give the opponent a goal. But the score is 6-1. Even Leipzig’s three goals did not prevent the champion from taking another trophy.

It’s great that the Bundesliga is rich not only in intense and productive Bayern soccer, but also in talent at different clubs.

Karim Adeyemi (Forward, Borussia D, 20 years old)

Life is often unfair, poor Allaire is fighting a deadly illness rather than preparing for Bundesliga games. But after Holand’s departure, Borussia D is looking for a new sharpshooter. The arrival of the German national team striker from Salzburg is a chance to show the young guy to German audiences. It is important for Adeyemi to prove to Flick that he is pulling for a place in the German core in a world where Werner is lost in three pines and Havertz is not a center forward, no matter how you look at it.

Jamal Musiala (midfielder, Bayern, 19)

Let’s include Jamal on the list, as he ended up twelfth in Bayern’s playing time last season. Still surrounded by solid competition, but goes on the field and pleases, although the German with an English passport is only nineteen years old. It would be a pity if the competition sends him to the bench at Bayern, as he is a mature, easy-footed player with an amazing scoring flair beyond his years. The Germans were lucky to lure him out of Chelsea’s school.

Adam Glozek (forward, Bayer, 20)

Leverkusen decided that Patrik Szyk was not enough for the fullness of Czech happiness, so they signed the prodigy from Sparta. Glozek was known for a long time because he made his professional soccer debut at the age of sixteen and started scoring straight away. Got into the Czech national team, and now he will try to strengthen Bayer’s attack. Together with Schick, Azmoun and Diaby could form a four in the attack at the start of the season. Adam will try to please with long-range shots, but he needs to play not in the center, where Schick will not let him. I wonder how the two tall Czechs will connect.

Jonatan Burkardt (forward, Mainz, 22 years old)

We agree that this guy lags behind the rest of the roster in terms of talent. But Mainz isn’t just Klopp, it’s also strong strikers. Voronin, Zidane and Okazaki have played for the club, and now there is a young and talented German striker. As befits an attacking midfielder and forward, Burkardt chooses many dangerous solutions. But the big man confidently deals with defenders, aggressive, believes in his own shot. He does not always notice his partners, but at his age it is not a sin. And what is important is that so far Yonatan has not “shined” like the others. Saved his strength, decent last season can continue outstanding.

Nico Schlotterbeck (defender, Borussia D, age 22)

Hand on heart, Nico is not on my personal list of favorite young defenders. With all the outward dissimilarity, there’s something of Per Mertesacker in him. It’s not a compliment in soccer to be called a defender for Arsenal. But Schlottenbeck isn’t a second Mustafi either. Already playing for the German national team, and now he was chosen by Borussia D. He can pair up with Süle or Hummels to show good soccer. Or in a trio with experienced players, depends on the chosen tactic. Nico needs to learn to play simply and reliably. Everyone knows he’s technical, but it’s better to show it at other people’s gates.

Jeremy Frimpong (Bayer’s lateral, 21)

Bayer have so many great players now, it would be a sin not to improve? Let’s see how they perform in the Champions League. Jeremy Frimpong went to Manchester City’s school, but they did not believe in the babe at Guardiola’s staff. The right-back ended up at Celtic, and went on to play at Bayer. So far this is a hero of one season, whom Van Gaal does not yet consider worthy of the first team of the Netherlands. But Frimpong has tenacity, boldly goes to the circle, not afraid to engage in a struggle with those who are a head taller. Jeremy is incredibly quick, stubborn footballer who can succeed. There are nice references to classic flank kids in his game.

Josko Guardiola (defender, Leipzig, 20)

Will Josko grow into a world-class defender for a 5-star grand? The Croatian will answer exactly this coming season with the help of Tedesco. Guardiola was lacking in Leipzig’s defense in the Super Bowl, because for his twenties, Josko performs incredibly mature, can lead the line, take responsibility. He’s a great passer, a technically skilled defender, so he worked on the left side and in the center of defense. He reads the game, he is not afraid of modern high line. Weaker on offense if you put him on the wing but Tedesco the Croatian is needed in the three-man line in the center of defense.

Ryan Gravenberg (midfielder, Bayern, 20 years old)

We’re dealing with world-class talent here. If Guardiola needs to work hard to rank with Van Dijk or Dishaye, Gravenberg only needs to realize his wild potential to move from the core of Ajax to the core of Bayern and not end up on Goretzka’s back in the end. Ryan knows how to play from goal to goal, he is definitely not a pure destroyer – cannon shot, clever passes, technical work in the center. Even too good for a twenty year old. You have to learn to keep the mark over the years, it’s much harder than lighting up once.

Whoever lights up will make the whole world happy

The list did not include Bellingham, Wirtz, Davis and Nkunka, whose class is no longer in doubt. Too bad the poor guy from Bayer will be in the infirmary until mid-September. Hopefully Florian will be fit in time to play in the World Cup in Qatar for Germany. Many talents from the Bundesliga will meet at the Mundial, and a couple of years ago they were glimpsed in the lists of the most talented young players in the world.

However, even the most famous, like De Ligt, is not old enough, the expensive newcomer to Bayern is only twenty-two. So the scouts of the clubs of the APL, Real Madrid and Barcelona are sure to watch the Bundesliga matches. And you do not deny this pleasure from time to time, not demanding rigor or betting on defense, but enjoying the skill. Germany is an incubator for talent. For example, they didn’t mention Reina and Soboslai, and they too are young and on the list of world hopefuls.