Bayern won without Lewandowski and defense

Bayern won without Lewandowski and defense

Nagelsmann wanted Lewandowski gone

Julian understood that the Polish forward would age and begin to decline. And his natural pride would not allow him to give up. In that case, you get Ronaldo, a goal scorer but also a headache for the coach. Only Robert is not a wide-ranging player like Cristiano. Nagelsmann has convinced the forward to pull back deep, as Holand did at Borussia D, but the Pole is a classic pillar.

With Mane, the attacking structure changes, although Sadio certainly likes his work at the tip. It’s more comfortable to roll balls into the net from five meters as he gets older than to run around on the flank, where Sane, Gnabry and Coman can do the job. Let youngsters like Musiale work. Jamal is Bayern’s new find. The midfielder chose the German national team, although he played for the English youth teams, actively seeks minutes in the Bayern base. Incredibly “light feet”, as if soaring over the field.

Until the classic forward, necessary in case of failure of the “plan A”, Bayern will play with Mane and Mueller in the attack. Yesterday held an experimental Super Cup – German, and classic – Ajax and PSV fought openly, as did the Germans. But there only Thiel copied the game of the young Mueller. As he got older, Thomas himself worked farther from the goal. Now he will have more free zones, Mane is not as selfish in the penalty area as Lewandowski.

In the event of Bayern’s failure in the Bundesliga, which is unbelievable, or another Villarreal in the Champions League, Nagelsmann will be able to switch on Tuchel’s mode – to pounce on the management. They say they lost experienced people and hired young ones. If De Ligt does not play, they will take Maguire, who is expensive and unreliable. Nagelsmann can hand his defeat to Kanu and Salihamidzic. But everyone at Bayern understood that it was better to learn to live without Lewandowski in advance.

“Bayern is looking for Total Football 2.0”

Yesterday against the familiar Leipzig, Nagelsmann tested an unusual high 3-1-4-1-1 scheme. Structurally complex, it is impossible to play the entire match so brazenly. And here it is logical to quote Abaskal, because also the coach of Julian’s generation:

The team must be flexible tactically. Two strikers take the attention of four defenders at once. This, in turn, gives more space between the lines and makes it possible to reach dangerous areas near others’ goals more effectively through vertical actions.

Sometimes, however, it’s needed on the flanks, in which case the 4-3-3 scheme becomes more relevant. In general, I don’t really like talking about the game system. What’s more important is the general idea and understanding of how to play with and without the ball. We see a statistical formation before the first shot on the ball, but it’s the dynamics that matter from there.

It’s clear that when Abaskal tells Spartak’s players to play like Bayern, they won’t succeed. Nagelsmann jumped from scheme to scheme in different phases. We saw a pure 3-5-2. Also her hybrid, presented numerically above. Kimmich could drop into the supporting area and Muller could be behind Mane. Then they switched to a 4-2-3-1, because Gnabry makes a bad right lateral, and Davis is quiet in defense, not just in attack.

What is Bayern’s idea? To subject themselves to chaos. What is Neuer doing – habitually running outside the penalty area. Zabitzer, with a familiar coach, combined the roles of Goretzka, Kimmich and Alcantara. With Laimer we would have seen even more complicated tricks, the young Austrian is one of the most underrated players in the world. And Pawar convincing himself yesterday that he is a centerback was predictably unsuccessful. The kaleidoscopic play of Bayern is impressive, taking risks to create.

German opponents are too easy for them

Tedesco is also a great player, so Leipzig is tactically incredibly difficult. It’s ridiculous to label their scheme as “3-4-3”. Sometimes it’s even “3-3-2-2,” and you rarely see that. And if Bayern defeated Domenico’s ideas with collective pressure and the intelligence of the players – they won 3-0 after the first half, the weaker opponents will still have to suffer from Laimer and Soboslai, Forsberg and Nkunku. The whole foursome are players without a position.

For German soccer, where they invent new things and are used to taking risks, this is already the norm. The Bulls have Hendricks in the center, combining two roles. Defensively, Leipzig lacked Guardiola, both left and central defender. Bayern, on the other hand, was simply without defense. Neuer has made mistakes, and will continue to do so. He has a phenomenal reaction – he almost reached the ball after Nkunku’s perfect shot from the penalty spot, but his adventurousness is innate and cemented by his status as a legend.

Bayern have Manuel with his antics and saves separately, and the defense separately. Nagelsmann tries desperately to create a defense, but nothing works. Leipzig had five shots on goal and ten attacks with shots. A step this way, a step that way, the champion could have conceded four goals. It’s clear that De Ligt will replace Pavar, but Hernandez is also originally a flank defender. The French are not the new Paolo Maldini to combine the qualities needed for flank and center.

Upamecano alone works on the profile. But Dyot could be the second Umtiti: shot, encouraged, and dissolved into the crowd of French talent. There’s big trouble with the defense, something that has been talked about in Munich for a long time. Nagelsmann is a bold and brash coach, bold and willing to experiment. Such a person is needed because just three years ago Kimmich was playing right back, Süle and Boateng were at the center and Alaba was on the left. Tolisso, Alcantara and Goretzka assisted Lewandowski and Coman.

This is the lineup for Super Bowl 2019, when they lost 0-2 to Borussia D. Three years later, a different coach instead of Kovacs, different positions of many players, a complicated scheme. Bayern used to be more textbook, even Müller’s role as a hybrid “ten” didn’t go to him right away. Now Nagelsmann wants five men to attack one and keep the pressure on the attack. Let’s look at the German team in the Champions League, if we get a difficult opponent in the group stage.

In the Bundesliga, on the other hand, they are likely to stay with PSG or Zenit. “Bayern is luxurious, the decision to invite Mane is smart – Klopp has prepared Sadio to play as a false forward, and Muller knows how to do more than just assist. Plus don’t forget that Mazraoui has arrived – a hint of a 3-5-2 with the right winger from Morocco – and Gravenberg – the 20-year-old midfielder will change the midfield job. The 17-year-old Frenchman Thiel, a center forward, also appeared.

Acknowledging that APL clubs are beauties – making each other stronger, that the Spaniards are unsinkable – or know how to pretend invulnerability, leave room in the pecking order for the Germans. In the ’70s, they realized they had to steal ideas from the Dutch and French, because neighbors with imagination. The young Nagelsmann either knows the lessons of history or intuitively knows where to go. Tedesco is right – could have gotten to 4:4, Bayern will be the craziest grander of the new season.


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