The BCCI has given the green light for IPL phase 2 in the United Arab Emirates. 

After a nearly month-long wait, India’s Board of Cricket Control has provided final approval and given the green light for the remaining matches of the IPL 2021, which will be hosted in the United Arab Emirates. 

The BCCI has given the green light for IPL phase 2 in the United Arab Emirates. 

Because the BCCI already had an informal arrangement with the Emirates Cricket Board, this move was predicted. After a special general meeting of the BCCI on May 29th, the formal decision was made. With the decision to begin the matches in the United Arab Emirates, the BCCI also decided to schedule the remaining IPL matches in the September-October period. There are 31 matches remaining, including playoffs and finals. 

At the same meeting, the BCCI decided to give the ICC till the first week of July to make a decision on hosting the T20 World Cup in India. The ICC meeting to make a final judgement on the same matter, however, is planned on June 1st. It’s also possible that the International Cricket Council (ICC) would decide to shift the T20 World Cup out of India.

BCCI, on the other hand, is still looking into all of the possibilities. Unavailability of foreign players would be one of the challenges that the competition and franchises will confront. All teams have been given permission by the BCCI to work on replacements, and they can target both international and domestic talent.

The England and Wales Cricket Board has already indicated that its players would not be released for the unfinished IPL, while Cricket Australia is yet to make a statement on the issue. At some point, a meeting with the IPL franchises will take place. 

On the financial front, BCCI has decided to approach the government for a tax exemption on the T20 World Cup, since it is projected that they will be liable for 900 crores if they do not receive the exemption. BCCI will make an ultimate choice based on the current pandemic intensity and financial obligation, although they have asked extra time from the ICC.