Becker expressed regret that he will no longer be able to show Wimbledon trophies to children

For what Becker was stripped of all his honestly won trophies

Former German tennis player Boris Becker has spoken out on the court case that is pending against him. The former world number one is accused of failing to comply with a legal obligation to disclose financial information. We are talking about the period from May to October 2017, when Becker’s bankruptcy case was heard.

The former German tennis player was seized of all valuables, including trophies he had won. He expressed regret that the two trophies he won at Wimbledon were taken from him, AFP reported.

“It’s important for players to win titles. But the trophies themselves are not so important when you’re performing. Right now, I wish I had them. I would show them to my kids.

For the Australian Open trophies, it’s an important tournament, but Wimbledon is more important,” Becker said during the hearing.