Becky Lynch vs. Aski – No Holds Barred Match

Becky Lynch vs. Aski - No Holds Barred Match

No sooner had Becky come out than she was already getting ready for the fight, pulling a table out from under the ring, setting it up, and pulling out some chairs. Asuka, on the other hand, came out with a trash can and a mask inspired by the movie Friday the 13th. Finally the fight began, and Asuka, avoiding being hit with a chair, attacked her opponent with a trash can. Sliding kick to 2, and the Japanese woman took advantage of the chair, then brought another one into the quadrangle. When “Empress” herself went up to the quad, the Irishwoman attacked her with a kick, and set up the first chair in the corner. Asuka avoided the attack by preparing a slip so as to send her opponent face-first into the chair, but Becky avoided this maneuver, and the fight for the attack with the chairs led to a shotgun dropkick by Asuka, using one chair as a springboard, while Becky flew her back into the other chair. Bulldog to the chair and Asuka tried a German suplex from the apron, but Lynch blocked it, as well as the powerbomb attempt, hitting a legdrop in the end. Exploder to a pile of chairs at ringside, and Lynch dismantled the commentary table. After getting a chair on her back, the Japanese woman hit her opponent’s knee with a chair, and then charged a hip attack using the chair through the barricade, which the girls broke through, sending us to commercial, but so that we could see in the small screen of the action. Asuka subdued a little more, but Lynch took over the initiative by starting to use the kendostick. “The Empress” fought back, directing her opponent into the steps, then began hitting her with a kendo stick herself, and the girls went to the audience room, where they continued fighting. They then returned to ringside, and the initiative continued to change hands. Lynch threw her opponent into the ring and several chairs.

Asuka “exploded” with a sliding dropkick, and threw some more chairs into the quadrangle before getting a dropkick on the apron herself. The fans, on the other hand, demanded a table. Becky made a legdrop for the chair on Asuka, who herself was lying on a pile of chairs. Nevertheless, the climbing Japanese girl interrupted the corner, deciding to charge the superplex. It followed, and both girls were hurt in the episode. Holding to 2, after which the ladies began trading punches to the chants of “This is Awesome!” Asuka put a trash can on her opponent and did some kicks and punches. A missle dropkick to 2 followed, and finally the Japanese woman heard from the audience, heading to the table. Lynch didn’t let it set, guided her opponent into the steps, and threw the table into the quadrangle herself, where she was prevented from setting it by Asuka already. For that, Becky hit her in the back with a chair, and set the table, and the “Empress” almost came out to Asuka Lock. Lynch fought back and was sent to ringside, but Asuka quickly got her back by pulling an umbrella out from under the ring. Lynch blocked the kick with it and took the umbrella and Asuka went in for a “mista” but Becky defended against it with the umbrella (apparently Lynch didn’t get the umbrella up in time and some ink got on the Irishwoman’s face after all). Asuka hit a high kick, but only to 2, put Lynch down on the table, and started to climb to the corner of the ring herself, but Becky interrupted that climb. A series of reversals followed, and eventually Lynch led Manhandle Slam through the table, taking the win. The winner celebrated the win very emotionally, announced that she was back, and the show went off the air at that point.