Bianca Belair vs. Becky Lynch – RAW Women’s Championship match

Bianca Belair vs. Becky Lynch - RAW Women's Championship match

We’re in Nashville, Tennessee, at Nissan Stadium, where, if WWE is to be believed, 48,449 fans gathered. The honor of opening the show fell to the girls. The fight began predictably with a search for initiative, in which the challenger’s main task was to make no mistakes. Nevertheless, she made a mistake, getting emotional and hit by a showstopper tekkel, but Becky quickly responded to it with a throw and an attack of the hand, which she immediately began to work on. Bianca got away from one of her maneuvers with a handspring, a dropkick, and a facebuster. Standing munsolt to 2 followed, and Lynch rolled out of the ring. Belair went after her and tried a KoD variation into the timekeeper’s area, but the challenger landed on her feet, held the same arm attack and added a legdrop to the barricade. Holding in the quadrangle to 2, and after undergoing a couple more uncomplicated attacks, Bianca reversed a Manhandle Slam attempt into a suplex, which Lynch in turn converted into a rollup to 2. La Mistica failed for Becca, but she found an opportunity for a variation of the Final Cut to 2. All in all, the Irishwoman regained control. “EST” tried to fight back, but she hit a painful armlock and then a hold to 2. With a dropkick, Lynch sent her opponent to the apron, threw a few more punches, and got ready for an easydrop, which Belair somehow miraculously converted into a throw. After a segment on the apron, Becky sent her opponent to the ringside, but she stopped the flight with a variation of a facebuster on the apron.

A series of reverses resulted in Lynch wanting to pull her opponent’s braid to guide her into the ring post, but Bianca pulled Lynch toward her, so it was Becky’s head that met the ring post. A ringside suplex and handspring munsolt on his return to the ring followed, but only to 2. Another series of reversals led to a springboard crossbody from Lynch, which Bianca nearly converted into a press slam, but Becky got away and did a flip stanner off the second rope (something similar to Tetsui Naito’s Esperanza, but only a stanner, not a reverse DDT). Also only to 2. There was an exchange of punches, which turned into reverses, and Belair had another facebuster, but KoD Becky avoided it by reversing it into Dis-Arm-Her. “EST” didn’t get out of the pain, got out of the ring, pulled Lynch on her shoulders with her and held KoD to ringside! The champion got back in the ring, realizing she couldn’t get her opponent back in there, hoping to win by the count, but Lynch made it to the count of 9. The second KoD Lynch refused to get, for which she fell victim to a spinebuster. Climbing to the third rope of her opponent Becky interrupted, and the girls began exchanging blows on the corner. Eventually, the braid challenger herded Belair to the canvass and charged with a Manhandle Slam, but Belair pulled out! Lynch threw some punches, Belair responded with a pair of close roll-ups, and Becky guided her to the second rope, attempted a Manhandle Slam from there, but Bianca reversed it into a Spanish Fly in the air, adding the winning KoD. Belair is still the champion.

Bianca celebrated a fair victory, which is also paired with the fact that Belair “closed out” such an upsetting defeat a year ago. And Lynch, with a sad face, stepped up and offered a handshake. Fans greeted the affair ambiguously, but Bianca did shake hands, and the girls exchanged. Becky paid tribute to “EST”, apparently made the transition to the bright side after all, and left the ring. Later it became known that she was escorted out of the stadium by a medical team, and there is speculation that the Irishwoman has a problem with her arm. Let’s hope that the injury is not very serious. And then Bailey showed up at the arena! “Do you remember me?” – Bailey asked Bianca a question. And then the Dakota Chi theme song came on!!! She’s back in WWE! And it looks like Kai is on Bailey’s side. And then the theme also played and Io Shirai!!!! All three girls came up to the ring, Bayley started telling Belair that she was the best in the world, not the champion, but Becky Lynch emerged on the side of “EST”! Becky and Bianca were ready to fight, but Bailey and her new friends chose to remove themselves…

Look, what was the beginning of the show? First of all, the girls put on a fight on the level of their “banger” at WrestleMania. And even though this fight looked a bit secondary, for having seen these two in big matches three times in the last 4 months, and still from the road at WrestleMania their history stretches back in one form or another. However, this fight looked as good as it could have been given the conditions. Belair’s win and Lynch’s subsequent face-off was absolutely the right choice. Bianca needs big wins like this to be a big star, and Becky needed a change of vector, not another Title-Rain. We got both, which is what I call proper booing. Well, and the hug at the end, marking the end of almost a year-long feud, is touching. And as the cherry on the cake is Bailey’s cummerbund. Or is it Kai’s? Because Bailey has been expected all along, but the return of Dakota, who was once “purged” from the company, is totally unexpected. Shirai was also pulled into the main roster. That’s good, because rosters need fresh faces, especially if they can wrestle. But here I found out that Io Shirai is now “IYO SKAY” or something, and I honestly can’t understand this renaming. Camon, “Io Shirai” is one of the loudest names in women’s wrestling for the last 15-20 years, why change it?


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