Big migration of soccer players is coming

Every summer, several star players change clubs as free agents, and the year 2022 will be no exception. “” tells about the future career bends of the brightest players with expiring contracts.

transfers of famous player Kylian Mbappe

Kylian Mbappe (PSG, France) will move to Real Madrid

There is no doubt anymore that next summer’s top free agent will continue his career at Real Madrid, where PSG did not let him go last year for a fabulous 200 million euros. Mbappe admitted that he was momentarily upset by the Parisian club’s position, but the forward accepted and continued to perform his contract obligations professionally. The spice of the upcoming transfer was added by the meeting between Real Madrid and PSG in the 1/8 finals of the Champions League, in which Kylian scored two goals against the “cream”, but still ended up on the side of the losers.

Real Madrid legend Guti appealed to Mbappe after PSG’s relegation to move to Real Madrid because “magical nights live at the Santiago Bernabeu”. However, the invitation is a bit late, because Kylian has already made his choice, having rejected a series of tempting offers from PSG that promised to drown him in money. Several sources say that Mbappe signed a contract with Real Madrid on January 30th, and the official announcement will be made at the end of the season out of respect for the forward’s current club. The die is cast, there is no turning back.

Franck Kessier (Milan, Cote d’Ivoire) – to move to Barcelona

“Barcelona have improved under Xavi, secured a lucrative new sponsorship deal and now have the means to strengthen their squad on point in the summer. It is unlikely that the Catalans can now afford Erling Holand, although Laporta, in order to maintain the image of a superclub, will be struggling for the Norwegian, but there will be some great players at the Camp Nou.

AC Milan leader and one of the best midfielders in Serie A, Franck Cescier, is almost certain to join Barça as a free agent. The Ivorian has attracted interest in the APL, Juventus have looked at him, but Barcelona remain a powerful magnet for attracting quality players, the more so with the arrival of Laporta and Xavi there are signs of recovery. Kessier will be an alternative and, in the long term, a replacement for Busquets.

Antonio Rüdiger (Chelsea Germany) will leave Chelsea

A classy centre-back will always find a job, so Antonio Rüdiger has been flirting with Chelsea for months and talking to other European giants through an agent. The trick worked, the new contract with the “blues” managed to negotiate on favorable terms for the player, there was bidding for a signing bonus, but fell on Chelsea sanctions change everything. Now Rüdiger will almost certainly leave, especially since he has the official right to negotiate with other clubs.

Among the applicants for Antonio there have been names like Real Madrid, Juventus, PSG and Manchester United, but now the choice comes down to the latter two options. Madrid are happy with the progress of Eder Militao and his link-up with David Alaba, Juve will have to tighten their belts due to an early Champions League exit, while PSG and Manchester United are not used to saving money on defenders. My guess is that Rüdiger will stay in England and put Harry Maguire on the bench. Or maybe he’ll surprise everyone and join a rich Newcastle side.

Paul Pogba (Manchester United, France) – will get a new haircut

Honestly, this is the only prediction about Paul Pogba’s future that can be made right now. The French midfielder will become a free agent in the summer, with him allegedly deciding that he will not negotiate with other clubs until the end of the season, but will make a decision in the summer. This behavior suggests two not necessarily mutually exclusive thoughts. First, Pogba is not swimming in offers. Second, he wants to set up an auction around his future, to put a price on himself.

Paul has admitted several times that he dreams of playing for Real Madrid, but Florentino Perez is deaf to these thick hints. The “holy trinity” of the Madrid midfield already has diligent successors – Valverde and Camavanga, and will complement the middle line rather Gravenberg or Tchouameni than the 29-year-old Pogba and his dubious reputation. The Frenchman seems to be expected at Juventus, but the best option for him is PSG. Or the same Newcastle.

Paulo Dibala (Juventus Argentina) will leave Juventus

Pavel Nedved said that the club has suspended talks with players on new contracts because they should only think about what is happening on the field. It’s not working out so far: Juventus crashed out of the Champions League, losing 0-3 to Villarreal in front of their own stands. Dybala came on the pitch with a fishy expression when the situation could still be saved, but in 15 minutes the Argentine had 0 shots and 0 aggravating passes.