Cavani didn’t light up at MJ like he wanted to. Now he wants to go to Spain, but there are easier options

El Matador appears to have decided to leave the Red Devils’ camp. The reluctance of the 35-year-old Uruguayan to renew his contract with the club was reported and continues to be reported by a huge number of sources. For example, Fabrizio Romano:

“It is worth clarifying that Cavani will focus on Manchester United until the end of the season. He intends to gain new experience as a free agent in June, but he also had a chance to leave in January and decided to stay after a frank conversation with Rangnick. Cavani, as always, behaves respectfully.

Cavani MJ

Edinson’s move to United is unlikely to have lived up to expectations. The two main reasons are coaching and injuries. And the coaching approach, perhaps, was precisely because of the injuries. Since signing with the Mancunians, Cavani has missed 33 games because of injuries, but has played in 56 in which he scored 19 goals and made 7 assists. Most of those were in the 20/21 season, which can be assessed positively, albeit not without its nuances.

In the end it is clearly not hopeless, but the fans certainly did not get any satisfaction from Edinson’s career at MJ. Especially now that at the end of March Cavani has only 2 goals in all competitions this season. Sulscher did not offer him a meaningful role, nor could Rangnick even if he wanted to. However, blame it all on the coaches for sure, the same Joker position at the end of the second half or going into the starting half of the game that Ole-Gunnar provided would have remained viable for Cavani to this day, but health problems have done their part. At 35, Edinson can’t compete in “vitality” with the same 37-year-old Ronaldo, but it’s not to age, but at least to genetics. Someone even at 20 is suffering from soreness.

Matador’s sensational case with accusations of racism did not add to his motivation either. In December 2020, the Football Association of England banned Cavani for three matches for the word “negrito” in his Instagram Stories. The Uruguayan was disciplined because in the opinion of the FA this word offends race. Cavani, on the other hand, insisted that “negrito” is used in South America when expressing sympathy, tenderness. The National Academy of Literature of Uruguay confirmed this as well. However, soccer officials were not affected and the suspension remained in effect. Edinson found out what it was like to miss games because of the linguistic polarities of different countries and nations, it hardly added to his positive attitude. Against the background of the increasing frequency of injuries this season Rangnick still persuaded the forward to stay until the summer, but what options for Edi now?

Wants La Liga

Cavani’s desire to try himself in Spain was reported by the same Romano. Given the high propensity for injuries it is hardly possible with the top 3 of the Primera, maybe even with the top 5, but it is possible to imagine Edinson in a conditional “Celta” or “Real Sociedad” without any problems.

And it was “Sociedad” that appeared in the transfer reports the day before next to Cavani’s name. The team from San Sebastian is likely to say goodbye to the youngster Alexander Isak in the summer, and Matador was reportedly picked up to replace him, whose main goal now is to qualitatively approach the World Cup. Barcelona were also in the rundown earlier, but after the arrival of Xavi the current Cavani is hardly considered by the coach as a full-fledged and much needed center-forward.

New World

Of course, a return to South America at the end of his career will always rank at the top of the options. Edinson changed a lot of youth teams in the beginning of his journey – Nacional, Peñarol, Remeros, Salto and Danubio, in the latter he made his debut as a professional, but played only 25 matches, after which he went to Italian Palermo.

Which American clubs are currently linked with interest in Cavani? Of the latter, Botafogo and Boca Juniors. In terms of importance and status, a move to South America is clearly inferior to the MLS, where Cavani will always be welcome. Perhaps, the only thing that can entice him is nostalgia or warm feelings for one of the clubs, the fans, or maybe even family. The financial factor certainly goes to one of the last plans. Is Cavani going to return to his homeland at the age of 35? Unlikely, recall and insider about Spain. For a couple of good seasons, even with injuries, Cavani is certainly capable.

Finish now

This is a development Edinson considered after leaving PSG and admitted it after signing with United.

The health of the family is more important than anything else. Of course, I thought about giving up soccer. It’s true that I had the opportunity to stop playing and continue to live in the countryside, to devote myself to life in the countryside.

We had survived the coronavirus along with my family and girlfriend. It was bad because of the fear this virus causes. Thank God we recovered and are fine now.

It’s normal that anxiety over the lack of a club gets into your head. The championship seasons started and, of course, I wanted to be on the team. There was a lot of uncertainty and anxiety. Days went by and I saw my family and friends and everybody who wanted to know where I was going to play. Now we’re here [at MJ], happy with the decision, and I want to wear that jersey.

On whether Cavani is considering such an outcome now, no one has reported. Neither insiders, the player himself, nor his entourage. Is it present in Edinson’s thoughts? Most likely, yes. We will only be able to know the decision in two or three months, if not sooner, but for now an ambitious option with Spain, a soulful one with South America or a wallet-enriching one with the MLS. We’ll see skill and talent from Edi in all three cases.