Chelsea takes dream defender Kalidou Koulibaly

Chelsea takes dream defender Kalidou Koulibaly

Chelsea have managed to lure the Napoli player out. They snatched the player from De Laurentiis’ contractual jaws. Moreover, Aurelio admitted his mistake and apologized to the Napoli fans. If Coulibaly had moved to Manchester City for 100-110 million euros a couple of years ago, the club could have signed a lot of tough players and claimed the Scudetto already without the captain.

Now he leaves, but on different terms. Napoli’s sporting director Gintoli, in the summer transfer tradition, tried to deceive the fans. Cristiano called the player “untouchable” and stated that he was not negotiating with anyone. Koulibaly then revealed his plans:

“I can’t confirm the Chelsea transfer itself yet, but we are on the right track.”

The key word is “yet.” English insiders dug up the details and Italian deal guru Fabrizio Romano confirmed the information. The contract runs until 2027 and the Senegalese will receive a net fee of €10m every season. The transfer fee is €38 million plus bonuses. De Laurentiis lost 60-70 million euros by refusing to let Koulibaly go on time. Defended better, but were left without trophies.

The player also lost his chance for trophies at other clubs. Calidou wanted to go to Barcelona for a long time, but Xavi corrects his wish list. And after De Ligt chose Bayern and Chiellini the L.A. Sun, Allegri needs an experienced central defender. Koulibaly fits perfectly. Except that out of respect for the Napoli fans, Calidou stubbornly refused offers inside Serie A.

His agent met with Juventus to try and entice other suitors, but the Americans from London and Tuchel initially had a much better chance of success. And when the 31-year-old defender received a five-year contract from Chelsea, he didn’t think twice.

Captain Kalidou is sure to return to Napoli

The Southerners have taken a liking to Coulibaly. We’re talking about Napoli’s captain, the perennial leader of the defense. His personal level is not for the first year above the level of trophy ambitions of the luck-starved club after Maradona’s departure. The Senegalese gave Napoli eight seasons. Personal success has certainly affected the way fans view the world around them. It’s not the first time this has happened specifically because of a footballer.

There have been fan rallies in Naples supporting Coulibaly when he was insulted by other clubs’ ultras because of his race. Calidou rarely fell below world class, even when the team itself was in bad shape, his presence helped return to the Champions League. He earned respect with his work. Not surprisingly, De Laurentiis offered the player an unusual contract on the eve of his departure to England.

The details were revealed by the club itself: €6m after tax and without bonuses, a five-year deal and then a position within the club structure. Since Koulibaly chooses a foreign team, he may return to live in Napoli after his career. He will get the same position on the board of the club. He will choose the direction of his new career later, but for now his decision to leave affects Spalletti.

Napoli fans are tired of the eternal failure of the Scudetto. And since the trophy was won by Inter and AC Milan, who for many seasons did not know the taste of championship, the demands on Spalletti are growing both from the management – it is impossible to work with De Laurentiis without conflicts – and from the public. Luciano is said to have threatened to leave if Napoli don’t retain Coulibaly.

Coulibaly is a great professional, Tuchel got lucky

Remember Ballack’s words that van Dijk stood out so much because the current strikers in the APL are weaker than those who played in the league before. It’s hard to compare different eras, almost impossible. But Kane, Holand, Son and Salah are good enough to cause Coulibaly problems in his first season in the APL. But doubts about success fade away when you learn about Kalidou’s attitude.

Spalletti has stressed a hundred times that Coulibaly prepares for matches perfectly. Completely devotes himself to soccer. With his wife Charlene Kalidou is raising two children, which means Tuchel should not worry that his new defender will fall into history after his bachelor adventures. Koulibaly has good reviews off the field, but he’s also incredibly powerful within it. Perhaps it was only Napoli’s evil doom that got in the way.

When you play for a club for a long time, as if doomed to failure, it’s hard to keep at the peak of form. The Senegalese is mentally tired. I want to go to a team where the chances of winning at least a cup are higher. “Chelsea is putting together an interesting gang. Sterling and Coulibaly come in alongside Mendy, Kante, Tiago Silva and Mount. It remains to find a center forward – Tuchel answered the question about Ronaldo with a smile, but Todd Boely decides there.

Koulibaly, on the other hand, was chosen by the coach, and is a classy newcomer. Unlike Rüdiger with his perfect physique, Kalidou is not just powerful, but also an intelligent footballer. Senses when you can turn on technique. Knows how to score goals – in Serie A he distinguished himself thirteen times, and also gave assists. Many were after Koulibaly when he was younger but Chelsea are not intimidated by his age as he is clearly not a critical player.

Chelsea don’t want to fall behind Liverpool and Man City

Mendy is now thirty, and the Senegal goalkeeper was unemployed not so long ago. Koulibaly has a different path, having played in the tactically difficult, viscous and grueling Serie A after Genk. Clearly, there remains the question of intensity. Lukaku is why he looked different in England and Italy, but Koulibaly is a sharp defender. His appearance in the lineup, especially for 38 million euros, would make up for a series of defender departures.

Chelsea have been eyeing De Ligt, but the latter is lured to Bayern’s defense, where the trophies are closer. The newcomers do not make the Londoners the favorites in the AFL, but with this reinforcement, Tuchel can bend his line. The defense was already strong, but didn’t hold up all season. It got worse when young flank defenders dropped out and Rüdiger got involved in talks with Real Madrid. Koulibaly would defend Mendy better.

It’s dangerous after eight years in one place to start from scratch, but mentally Kalidou has long been preparing for a move. And Chelsea’s dream is for the newcomers to close the gap on Klopp and Guardiola’s teams. There has always been a mystery team in the APL, Manchester United, because it is the favorite without a real fight for the title, and there was a club that could return to the top when he appointed the right coach – we are talking about Chelsea.

Mourinho and Conte were first in the APL. Tuchel started from fourth place in the incomplete season with a win in the league. Then climbed to third, but didn’t come close to replicating the pace of the leaders. The club has now changed ownership, but is not backing away from a buying strategy. Ronaldo is a deterrent, a difficult newcomer. But Sterling and Koulibaly are clear and solid bets for proven players. Both could have a direct impact on Chelsea’s game.


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