Cold-bloodedness allows Harmanpreet Kaur to win

Cold-bloodedness allows Harmanpreet Kaur to win

After longtime captain Mithali Raj recently announced her retirement, Harmanpreet Kaur assumed control of the 50-overs format. Off-spinner Deepti Sharma of the Indian women’s squad believes Harmanpreet Kaur can make cool decisions in the middle of an innings.

Following a challenging run-chase in the first ODI against Sri Lanka on Friday, veteran Deepti Sharma led India to a four-wicket victory in her debut game as ODI captain.

Regarding Harmanpreet’s ODI format captaincy, Deepti stated, “She always maintains her composure in one-day or T20 matches. She is handling team leadership quite effectively. We are appreciating her leadership as a team and believe that maintaining composure helps in making better judgments. the lead, Harmanpreet Kaur.

In the wake of longtime captain Mithali Raj’s recent retirement, Harmanpreet Kaur assumed control of the 50-overs format.

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We were aware of the behaviour of the wicket. We diligently cultivated our alliances. We thought we could easily conclude the game by taking 3–4 runs per over and establishing a solid partnership in doing so.

Deepti has received criticism for her sluggish batting techniques, but the all-rounder believes she has improved in the long term by learning new strokes.

“Before the camp, I worked really hard on my batting and bowling, as well as created strokes, and I’m sure you all saw it here. My responsibility is still to help the team win games, and the more I accomplish that, the better it is for the team. “Even though we were losing wickets, I kept telling myself that I had to play till the end. We prioritised short partnerships as a batting unit, and we succeeded in doing so today.

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