Damien Priest and Finn Balor vs. Ray and Dominic Mysterio

Damien Priest and Finn Balor vs. Ray and Dominic Mysterio

Priest and Balor came out accompanied by Rey Ripley. Mysterio went up to the quadrangle and a brawl ensued. Finn was hitting Rey and Damien was hitting his son. At one point Mysterio Sr. fought off both opponents in the corner and held a harrikanrana to Balor. Priest got a dropkick from Dominick, both JD representatives were sent out of the ring, where Dominick flew suicide dive on Damien. Finn got a munsolt off the apron from Ray, and the Irishman was returned to the quadrangle, where he suffered a father-son teamwork to 2. The Mysterios swapped in the ring, attacking their opponent (tagging in a non-disqualifying match? why? what happens if the tag doesn’t pass?), but at one point Dom got distracted by Priest, allowing Balor to take over control. Judgement Day dominated filthily, and the conditions allowed them to do so, frequently changing each other in the ring, even taking a beating on Rey in the apron. At one point, Dominick gave Finn a no-cracker, and the lineup changed to Priest and Ray. The latter dodged an attack, did a springboard crossbody, got away from the attack in the corner, charged seated senton off the ropes and dropkick. After knocking out Balor, Rey held a crown bulldog as well, and then neutralized Finn, who tried a chair in the quadrangle, appropriating the piece of furniture for himself.

Damien got a couple of stool punches, and Finn got a sliding splash at ringside with that very chair. The DDT attempt was foiled by Priest, who met Ray with a superkick to 2, and the initiative was returned to Judgement Day. Under the “We Want Table!” chants, Mysterio got Priest ready for 619, but Finn intercepted the tag and knocked the veteran out with a lariat. Shotgun dropkick in the corner, out to Coup de Grace, but Dominic grabbed the Irishman’s leg, winning his dad precious seconds. Rey skidded into the corner, held a super-harricanrana, but the hold was broken up by Priest. From Razor’s Edge, Dominic saved his father and both JD members were dropped to the ropes for a 619, but Ripley pulled both Mysterios out of the quadrangle. Dominic got a facebuster to the apron from the electric chair, and Rey got back in the ring, hitting a South of Heaven Chokeslam. Finn requested a chair from Rhea, but suddenly we heard creeping sounds and the arena lights went out. A fire was lit on the stage and to the pathetic music, Edge emerged from under the stairs! The crowd greeted him warmly, and he made his way to the quadrangle. Priest got the big boot on the ramp, and Finn decided to meet the former JD leader with a chair in the ring, but got harpooned. Another harpoon was “discharged” to Damien, who returned to the quadrangle. Edge slung Balor to the ropes with a slip. Double 619 from Mysterio. Springboard splash by Ray! Mysterio wins.

I have very ambivalent feelings about this match. First of all, the tags in the non-disqualification match looked very strange. “Well, it’s not Tornado Tag,” someone might argue. Okay, but then again, what if in a team match with no disqualifications, the tags wouldn’t transfer? A team that doesn’t transfer the right to fight gets disqualified? Well, I mean, you understand, give or take, how useless tags are supposed to be in a match like this. But for some reason, teams passed on them for most of the fight. In the end, we needed “No DQ Rules” for one Ripley interference and Edge’s comeback. And Edge’s return is an interesting moment, let’s see how much he’s upgraded, all that stuff, but it still all looked kind of featureless or something. Mysterio won, of course, because Edge, and Judgement Day is probably a goodbye, because now they’re supposed to lose the fudge to Edge as well. All in all, if in terms of “abstract wrestling in a vacuum” the lowest point of the show was the previous match, then this one disappointed a little more with what surrounds it.