Damien Priest vs. Finn Balor

Damien Priest vs. Finn Balor

Ripley, Edge, and Styles were present at ringside. At the start, the Irishman tried to gain control. Damien responded with a showalder tackle, but got a series of strikes…which he interrupted with his own strikes. A launch into the corner, a back elbow, and Finn returned with a dropkick to the knee and a series of low kicks, before attacking the visage’s leg with the ropes. Priest “stunned” him, charged a lariat and a series of kicks and stomps in the corner. Broken Arrow to 2, and Balor fought off the pain, met a run into the corner with a boot and got a flapjack to 2. A little more dominance, and Finn seized the moment for a russian leg sweep, and had a few more strikes, a dropkick to the knee, a series of punches, and a double stomp to the chest. After beating his foe in the corner, Balor avoided a chokeslam by going for a rollup to 2, and then slingblade and sent his foe out of the ring with a clowzlein. Damian was saved from a dive by Ripley standing in Finn’s line of flight, and while he admired the beauty of the girl, Edge held a harpoon on Balor. Priest, of course, was disqualified. And Stiles came at him with his fists. Damien tried to help his leader, but he got fouled too, and then Ripley dragged “Phenomenal” away. He turned around, swung around, and saw that there was a girl in front of him. Apparently A.J. had advised her to stay out of the men’s fights, and Edge attacked him from behind, pointing his face into the turnbuckle. A harpoon and hook from Priest and Edge to Styles, End Scene.

Specific stuff. Because if we’re talking about the match, it’s the kind of stuff we’ve seen a thousand times, and it seems like the idea here was for everyone to win, but it doesn’t feel that way at the end. You have to hand it to the writers, apparently they didn’t want Finn to lose, but in the end it was Priest who suffered in a way, for he both lost on paper and wasn’t shown to be super defensive. Nevertheless, Judgement Day has the last word, and Stiles’ history with this faction apparently continues, but now we should probably expect some big team-up with Stiles and Balor against Priest and Edge. Either at an upcoming PLE or one of the weeklies, and at PLE Hell in a Cell, especially given the rumors of Roman’s vacation, maybe we’ll get a HiaC match between Phenomenal and the Canadian. Or maybe not. But we’ll be watching their feud for a while yet.

Backstage, Chad Gable, with Otis, was telling Owens something about chromosomes and isotopes and all that backstage stuff. Kevin didn’t understand a thing. Then Chad reminded him that Owens had “confiscated” the glass that Ezekiel drank from with Street Profits last week. “You mean stole the cup?” – Owens clarified. Gable didn’t care much for those details. Anyway, Chad sent this glass to his friends at the DNA lab, because he has friends everywhere, and pretty soon they’ll have proof that it’s Elias and not Ezekiel, if he really is Elias, of course. Kevin was thrilled with the news. Especially since there would be a special guest on RAW tonight. Kevin’s older brother Ken Owens, who has even won three tournaments of some sort. Tonight, Ken will fight Ezekiel/Elias and beat the truth out of him.