Drew McIntyre and Seamus v The Bloodline – team match

Drew McIntyre and Seamus v The Bloodline - team match

The match was preceded by a segment featuring all the designated individuals. The issue first opened with Drew McIntyre greeting the Austin crowd, following the highlights of the last 2 weeks around Drew and Seamus. McIntyre, on the other hand, reminded us that once upon a time in the early days of his career he promised to start at the bottom and make it to the top. Here he brought up the fact that the Tribal Leader and his champion, Roman Raines, was still trying to evade Drew’s gaze. He also pointed out that it’s really not hard to get your title challenge, the example of Brock Lesnar a week ago won’t lie. But McIntyre doesn’t want to take too easy a path and his goal will be to win a contract and the Mr MITB title, and afterwards, whoever the very last man standing will get his Claymore on his arse from Drew.

Here McIntyre was interrupted by Seamus and his brigade. The Irishman agreed that the outcome of the Last Man Standing fight between Raines and Lesnar would be the perfect time to use the money in the bank. Admittedly here Seamus clarified that Drew would not be the man, and indeed he got into the match for the briefcase purely because of Adam Pearce’s heartbreak. And the Irishman reiterated what he had said the week before: Seamus already has a successful cash-in in his achievements, and even more so on Roman Reins himself, but McIntyre was the one on whom the MITB case was implemented. And successfully.

This is where Paul Heyman and Adam Pearce showed up. Heyman introduced himself, in classic genre fashion, to the Austin audience as an adviser to the undefeated and undisputed WWE Universe Champion Roman Raines. He pointed out that in such a brutal Last Man Standing match, there would be one winner and it would not be Brock Lesnar. However, Paul also admitted that Brock Lesnar is not the most serious threat here, for there remains the matter of the MITB case. And Paul realises Seamus’ showdown with McIntyre hints at the presence of danger for Roman Raines. And since Seamus has reminded him that he has already once successfully used his MITB case on Roman Raines, Paul will not allow that to happen. Here, with Hayman and McIntyre having their say, Adam Pearce announced that they were now out of the ladder match for the case. But they can win it all over again in a match against the undisputed WWE Team Champions, the Uso Brothers.

There were two interviews backstage as McIntyre and Sheamus broke up their verbal altercation about how they both don’t even want each other in this tag team match for their spots, almost getting into a fight (which is very surprising given their aggressive hatred of each other). However, they showed good restraint and didn’t do it in front of the girl (they were interviewed by Megan Morant). The second interview, however, was with Paul Heyman by Kayla Braxton, who pointed out Heyman’s influence on backstage processes and that it might even help Brock Lesnar in his fight against Roman Raines. Paul didn’t have time to respond due to Sami Zane’s appearance (as Miss Braxton reminded her of MITB and that he had a hand in more than just eliminating Drew McIntyre with Seamus) and he accused Kayla of incompetence as a journalist that Heyman should not even stand next to her and listen to all this nonsense. Sami, on the other hand, reiterated to be clear: when he wins a case match, he will NEVER use it on Roman Reins as long as he is champion. This made Heyman happy and he straight up hugged Sami. However, Zayn blurted out from the rush of emotion that he only uses the case on Brock Lesnar – by doing so, Sami questioned Roman Reins’ ability to win at the Summer Throw. Paul removed his hand and stepped away from Zayn, and the latter left Kayla and Paul in a fit of already awkwardness.

Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins joined the brand commentators to follow their MITB opponents in a match for the undisputed WWE Team Championships.

The winners were Drew McIntyre and Sheamus (as per the terms of the match – both retained their spots in the MITB Ladder Match).