East Bengal comes in last place, but finds a few gems.

East Bengal entered their second-ever ISL season with high hopes, but fate had other ideas for the men in red and gold. The East Bengal Ultras were once again let down by their performance on the great stage of the Indian Super League.

This season’s evaluation of this historic team, who finished last in the ISL 2021-22 standings, is brought to you by Fizzslots News.

East Bengal’s International Patrons list has been completely overhauled, with the existing overseas stars being replaced by newcomers. Among all international arrivals, Croatian striker Antonio Peroevi was a noteworthy performer for the club. Despite his disciplinary issues, the 30-year-old ended up becoming the club’s top scorer in his first-ever spell in India.

East Bengal comes in last place

Getting ready for the next

If Mario Rivera is able to keep his job, it will be a treat to witness a thoroughly prepared East Bengal squad next season. If the roster had had a solid pre-season with correct preparations, things would have been different.

A total squad revamp, as well as the retention of a few bright players, might bring a welcome breath of fresh air for the upcoming season, allowing them to reclaim their place in the Indian Super League

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Indian football fans are eagerly anticipating the national team’s participation in the FIFA World Cup and demonstration of its abilities to give the other teams a difficult fight.

When the club’s administration chose to make changes in important positions of personnel, supporters had conflicting feelings. Manolo Daz was in command at the start of their voyage, while Mario Rivera was waiting for them at the finish. The Spaniard has been a member of the 

Season’s key takeaways

Mario Rivera’s vision and efforts are admirable, as the Spaniard instilled much-needed determination in the team. As a result of the Red and Gold Brigade’s excellent attitude throughout the tournament’s final phase, Rivera’s services may be retained by the management.

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