Ekaterina Bychkova evaluated Andrei Rublev’s chances in a match against Nick Kiryos in Miami

Russian tennis player Ekaterina Bychkova shared her opinion on the match between Andrei Rublev and Nick Kiryos, who will play in the second round of the tournament in Miami (USA).

Ekaterina Bychkova evaluated Andrei Rublev's chances

“Andrei is in good shape, played a lot of matches – 13 or 14 in a row took. So he has a stockpile of these played matches. Kirios is charisma, talent and even a certain desire. With Nadal he showed good tennis. Before that I would have said for Rublev because of the confidence built up, but Nick is dangerous. The question here is whether Andrei can handle the nerves, because Nick often provokes. As he says, he gets attention. He really draws it to tennis.

It’s going to be just a great match. If Andrei can hold on psychologically, he’ll win. But otherwise both can win. I can’t say Rublev is head and shoulders stronger. Because Kiryos played well in Indian Wells, the more so he will not play on the ground. That means he’ll be ready to play his last tournament until the end,” Bychkova said in her interview with Sofia Kolodkina, correspondent of “Championship”.