England defeats a tenacious India to win their first match of the tournament

In the second match of the ICC Women’s World Cup, held on Wednesday, reigning champions England faced last season’s runners-up, India. With the victory against their opponents, England earned their first victory of the tournament.

England defeats a tenacious India

Smriti Mandhana and former skipper 

For the third wicket, Sciver and Knight put up a 65-run partnership. Sciver took the game away from India by scoring 45 runs at a strike rate of 97. She was removed in the 17th over, but things had gotten a lot simpler for England by that point.

The Indian innings never really got underway, and whenever matters seemed to be settling down, they lost two wickets in a row. India only managed 134 runs in 36.2 overs in the end. 

As more teams joined the Championship and additional competitions were developed for female cricket teams to compete in, the game expanded in India throughout the years. International cricket was first played in 1975, which marked a significant step forward for the women’s game.

Charlotte Dean was named Player of the Match for her outstanding on-field achievements. Raj had this to say about her squad at the post-match presentation.

 Our batting is a problem, but we’ll work on it in the upcoming match.

The women’s game in India is stronger than ever, thanks to the efforts of early legends like Kulkarni and Rangaswamy, as well as subsequent greats like Raj. It appears that there has never been a better time for young girls to pick up a bat or ball, with a booming home scene and international success.

The Indian team has already been defeated twice in this competition and is in dire need of a win to keep their World Cup playoff hopes alive. The Blues will have to put their best foot forward in their forthcoming encounter against Australia, the team’s next major hurdle.

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