Fight between Asuka vs. Bianca Belair

fight between Asuka vs. Bianca Belair

Lynch joined the commentators. The girls in the quadrangle started with a classic struggle for the starting initiative, and Bianca was better in this segment, but not until her opponent had a moment for a nasty kick. Belair got away from the next attack, she did a dropkick, an uncomplicated throw, and then another one. Asuka got away from the attack in the corner, sending the champion to the turnbuckle, allowing her to retake the lead, but “EST” seized the moment for a suplex. Asuka blocked the next one, reversing into ankle lock, and I realized that Asuka and Ryusuke Taguchi had a lot in common (hip attacks, ankle grabs), and I also realized how much of a “mind warp” I already had because of BoSJ. Bianca tried to reverse, the Japanese caught her in a guillotine, but Belair moved her into a suplex. Handspring munsolt to 2 followed, and Asuka seized the moment for an armbar, then switching to a triangle, which Bianca tried to smash with a bomb, but both girls ended up falling out of the ring, sending us to commercial.

When we returned, we saw that Bianca fought back, did a fallaway slam, and Asuka met the attack in the corner with a booth. Larieth Belair “absorbed” but Asuka “pounded away” with more strikes, a German suplex, and a hip attack to 2. Climbing to the third rope, the Empress distracted Lynch, allowing Bianca to come alive and try a superplex, but Asuka blocked it, dropping her opponent to the canvass and making a missle dropkick to 2. Evading an attack in the corner, Belair sent her opponent’s face several times into the turnbuckle, out to KoD, but Asuka handled it. While landing off her opponent’s shoulders on the ring floor, she hurt her leg. The Japanese woman rolled out of the ring to rest, but Bianca brought her back in with a few words for Becky. On her return to the quadrangle, “EST” waited for a pop-up knee to 2, and after hitting a backfist, Asuka almost went for the Asuka Lock, but Belair fought back with the corner of the ring with a facebuster. The Japanese woman got away from the handspring munsolt and decided to go for the rollup, but Bianca reversed it into her own rollup to 3. Momentarily, Lynch slid into the ring, who held Asuka’s exploder. Belair got the manhandle slam.

Let’s talk about quality first. So, it wasn’t entirely without marriage, but it was minor, with the girls showing almost 13 minutes of good wrestling, which even had a story. The story is that Asuka tried to use her most effective weapon, the pains, but Bianca proved to be too strong and powerful not to be able to handle it all. Still, I can’t say I’m satisfied with the ending. And I couldn’t say I wasn’t satisfied. Initially, seeing Lynch in the commentator’s seat, I was sure there would be another “no contest.” And that would have been a very lazy booking decision, but in a way understandable. It’s odd for someone in a title match on a pay-per-view show to lose before that very pay-per-view show. But no, we saw the result, and in it we tried to somehow defend Asuka, but the fact remains that she lost, and I’m not sure that’s a good decision. In any case, after the first half of the first hour, only one person maxed out, Lynch, as it probably has been throughout this whole plot.


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