Final preparations for the women’s championship match at Hell in a Cell

Women's Title Match at Hell in a Cell go

We’re at Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, Iowa, and Becky Lynch opened the show. We were reminded how the three-way fight at HiaC for the RAW Women’s Championship was set up, and Becky welcomed us to the show. Lynch enjoyed opening the show again, it had been a long time since she had done so. All because she didn’t understand how she could open the show without owning the championship belt. She didn’t know how to go out and try to pretend like everything was okay when so many people were dreaming about Becky’s fall, which finally happened. A lot of people didn’t want Lynch to get to the title again, but she doesn’t live for the fans, she lives for herself, she does what she wants, the Irishwoman is invigorated by hate and coffee, so she feels pretty energized right now. People have different kinds of entertainment. Some collect stamps, some collect friends. Lynch collects enemies. And she’s going to earn herself a few more on her way to the top. And she’ll be back on top in a few days when she regains the RAW women’s championship at Hell in a Cell. Yes, the stakes are not in her favor, but they always are, so Becky is not scared.

In the meantime, she wants to take us back in time. With pictures on titantron, Lynch reminded us how Asuka won the Money in the Bank match in 2020. You have to hand it to the Japanese woman, she honestly worked her way to the top. And when Lynch set out to create a new life, just like the deity that Becky, by and large, is, she generously gave Asuka her title. But even then, Lynch had a plan. She thought Asuka was the best, but she knew she could beat the Japanese woman. Becky had planned that the “empress” would hold the title until the Irishwoman returned to action, then she would take the title away from Asuka, and no one would be able to separate Lynch from the coveted trophy. But now Becky realizes that she’s created Asuka into a selfish monster who’s used to just being given things and opportunities… and so this selfish monster showed up in the arena. Asuka came up to the ring, called Lynch “Big Time Baby,” spoke a little Japanese, and reminded her that no one was ready for Asuka. Not Bianca, not Becky. After all, on Hell in a Cell, the Japanese woman is ready to be the new champion. Lynch wanted to object, but Belair’s theme song came on.

“EST” stated that both of her rivals talk too much. Bianca, on the other hand, won’t complain, even to the fact that because of Becca, she has to defend in a three-way, where she doesn’t even have to be held to lose the belt. Nevertheless, unlike the challengers, the champion prefers not to talk, but to prove everything during the matches. Belair respects Asuka, but she did an “EST” high kick a week ago. So in their match tonight, Bianca has something to “say” to the Japanese woman. And Becky’s champion will get her mind right on Hell in a Cell. It doesn’t matter what Lynch fantasized about, the important thing is that Bianca won’t give up the belt. And if need be, Belair will also destroy the Irishwoman like she did at WrestleMania. Lynch smiled and held a jab. Asuka attacked Becky for it, Belair, coming to her senses, pulled the Japanese woman away and started beating up on “Big Time Becks” herself. Because of this, Asuka and Belair got into a bit of a conflict. Becky took advantage of this and knocked Asuka out, but Bianca dodged the blow and went for the KoD… just putting Lynch on the apron. From there, Becky dropped Asuka with her hip attack.

All in all, this was our typical RAW start in a pattern: someone comes out and starts talking, they get interrupted, a scuffle, a match that either flowed out of that scuffle or was scheduled earlier, and the scuffle was kind of a preview of it. There are inherently trivial segments that are worth watching, but this sample is not one of them. I have a lot of respect for all three performers, but let’s be honest, unequivocally a good speaker within American wrestling-TV was the only one here, Becky Lynch. And she didn’t say anything worth seeing, either. That said, I’m not saying the segment was bad. More like passable.


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