For the tenth time in a row. the record of Bayern Munich

Hardly anyone expected revelations and sensations from the match against Borussia Dortmund. The teams were in no position to approach this game with a nine-point difference in favor of the Munich side. And the game itself did not contain many intrigues. On the whole, Bayern was in control and even took its dictation. Moreover, the Munich side had no need to do something unimaginable and make a soccer feast. The main secret was to make the most of their opponent’s mistakes and not to commit any of their own.

For the tenth time in a row. the record of Bayern Munich

For example, in the first half, Bayern took four shots on goal and hit the bar twice. Both shots were goals. The first time Gnabry found the rebound following a corner and spectacularly shot with the second touch from the penalty line. The second time, the Bavarians, who were pressing high as standard, overcame a Zagadu pass, Muller rolled it out to Lewandowski, and Robert shot on goal. There were no opening crazy combinations. Just shoot on goal and score, get your own, use the superiority in class.

Even when Borussia got off to a flying start in the second half, made a good run and scored one goal after Jan’s penalty, it did not shake Bayern. At the end of the game, they finished the game thanks to Musiala, who once again stole an error from Dortmund. These teams are simply on different planets. Even if we’re talking about the second club in the Bundesliga. And the second with a big lead over the rest.

Bayern Munich’s record

Borussia Dortmund is seen by many as Bayern’s main rival over the past few years. Maybe globally, in some seasons this is the case. But not in terms of their individual rivalry. Bayern take out their Dortmund opponents unashamedly.

The current 3-1 victory over Borussia was the seventh in a row for Bayern in their games with Dortmund. “Not only can Borussia fail to win, they cannot even draw with the Munich side in recent years. The last time it did not lose to Bayern was in November 2018, when it managed to win 3-2 at home.

The larger record of Bayern is interesting. It won the German championship for the tenth consecutive time. Thus became the record holder among the clubs of the top five European leagues. Previously it had a tie for the titles in a row with Juventus. The Turin side’s record series of titles lasted nine years.

By the way, in France, it is not PSG who have a record series, but Lyon, which during its dominance took the championship seven years in a row. In Spain, the record is held by Real Madrid – five championships, but in England no one manages to stay on top for long. The longest streak is only three years, and the last time it was performed by Manchester United.

A separate domestic record with this title was broken by Thomas Muller. The 32-year-old midfielder won the German championship for the 11th time. And it is a record for the Bundesliga. He is a witness and participant of all Bayern’s titles since 2010.

And he is, by the way, only a couple of years younger than the Bavarian head coach Julian Nagelsmann, who became the youngest coach of Bayern to win the Bundesliga. But not the youngest coach to do so in principle. The record still belongs to Mattias Zammer, who won the German championship with Borussia in 2002 at 34 years and 8 months. Nagelsmann is one month older than Zammer at the time.

Not like PSG

For some reason, it was fashionable for a while to criticize PSG. The Parisians, with their Qatari owners and their billions, would absolutely ruin soccer in France, killing the intrigue there. However, during the dominance of the Parisian club, which cannot be denied, there have been breaks. And they were caused by the fact that PSG were initially adjusted to the task of the Champions League.

Understandably, the level of their performers would allow them to win easily in Ligue 1, where the competition is much lower. But it was also a problem for PSG. After all, almost all the stars there are from abroad. And they don’t care about the French championship, they have no interest in it. “Neymar and Messi were not signed for Reims. At the same time, Reims and others took advantage of this underestimation, which gave surprises, like Lille’s championship title last year.

With Bayern it’s different. This club was not created by outside forces for global tasks. It is a German-grown monster that kills the intrigue in exactly the same way, even stronger, because it feeds on internal forces. Parisians more often than not are not interested in the stars of Marseille and Lyon.

But Bayern does not mind “eating” the leaders of other Bundesliga clubs. Yes, even its destructive Lewandowski is from Borussia Dortmund. At one point, having achieved resource dominance, Bayern took advantage of it not to accumulate strength from domestic reserves and from abroad, but to suck new resources from their rivals. And this has created a huge split in the Bundesliga.

Lewandowski and Holand need to leave

And Bayern’s match against Borussia and the entire Bundesliga environment in general showed why its main stars, who were involved in this match, need to change the championship. Once Bayern had stumbled in the Champions League after losing to Villarreal, they disappeared from the radar, and no one was interested in Lewandowski’s scoring exploits. Only yesterday everyone was worried that he unfairly did not receive the Ballon d’Or, and today no one looks at the Pole.

Because he was shut down by the Swedes in the playoffs of the World Cup qualifying, because he was shut down by Villarreal defenders. And the gates open for him in the defense of Bundesliga teams does not impress anyone. This is deep for domestic consumption and is ensured by Bayern’s already described overall dominance over everyone. We’re not talking now about how it’s somehow different at the same PSG. It’s the same there. But Messi and Neymar have proven themselves previously in a more competitive environment, and Mbappe has yet to have that challenge. Here is Lewandowski to do the same.

Like Holand, who found himself in a different camp, but with about the same feeling. In the match against Bayern Munich, Erling didn’t show himself. His scoring rhythm has been thwarted this season by injuries. And previous achievements do not count without real trophy goals. Therefore, it is imperative for Holand to break out of the closed society of the Bundesliga and show himself in another championship. And here, too, the “vacuum cleaner effect” from Bayern will have an impact.

Only in this case it will work to “blow out”. On the removal of the stars of other clubs from the championship of Germany. Because they can not succeed with their teams. And their alternative is either to join the “Bundesliga team” from Munich and become the first guys in the village, or to do the more risky, but also with more profit in case of success – to go abroad.