Guardiola learns zen from Manchester City

Guardiola learns zen from Manchester City

Without Sterling and Jesus, the attack is even stronger

Raheem is an incredibly productive winger. Sterling earned penalties, has a goaltending flair and didn’t fit in at MC just because of the abundance of attacking players. Jesús was not a perfect fit, the emergence of the natural born sniper Holand at Manchester City was long overdue, and so the transfer finally happened. But Guardiola would not have been himself without backing up his choice of a heavy, flamboyant striker with the signing of a more difficult-to-disclose player between the lines.

How will Julian Alvarez prove himself in Europe? We have no idea, because there are Argentines made for individual leagues in the Old World, but even Di Maria, Verona and Crespo have had problems specifically in the APL. On the other hand, Alvarez is a low forward with high efficiency, a reference to Agüero, the most productive legionnaire in English league history. Losing a veteran who has not been at the forefront of Guardiola, Sterling and Jesus in recent years has left Manchester City incredibly potent up front.

Holland, Alvarez, and Foden could play in the center of the attack. It will be different soccer every time. Phil, Julian, or Grealish fit on the left. Jack rested over the summer for all the APL players combined, and needs to pick his brain on the eve of the 2022 World Cup. And another lover of the beautiful life – Marez – will take up his habitual shifts to the center, passing and nice shots. Riyadh’s presence in the starting lineup explains why Bernardo Silva is thinking about leaving.

But the Portuguese is a very expensive footballer – the market values him at 80 million euros. The amount of the transfer will be a problem when looking for a new team. Sterling, Jesus and Zinchenko found clubs in London. Bernard, like LaPorte, will be more difficult. Manchester City has 11 players whose transfer value starts at 45 million euros, and not all of the list will be on the roster.

With Cucurella get a dream defense for Ederson

Even in little things like the signing of free agent Stefan Ortega from Arminia, Guardiola, Begiristain and scouts are true to style. The German goalkeeper with the Spanish surname is notable for his passing ability. Ederson is famous for his ability to bring the ball into play with his feet and long-range passes. The coaching staff at Guardiola has been taking into account the main feature of modern goalkeepers, in addition to the work on the exits – the footwork.

How do you distinguish Manchester City’s defense from that of Liverpool and Chelsea? First, Alisson has one secret. In the last five seasons, there hasn’t been a goalkeeper in the elite leagues who has reflected shots more successfully. Even Oblak, Lloris and De Hea are second to him. Ederson has never been on those lists. Becker’s rival in the Brazilian national team has had more luck with the defensive system than even Mendy at Chelsea.

“Manchester City has conceded 26 goals in the APL, as has Liverpool, but the Reds are much lower in expected goals against opponents, and Guardiola’s team is the best in Europe. “Napoli” with Coulibaly and “Atletico” Simeone are behind, not to mention Chelsea, Tuchel’s benchmark defense has not yet. Perhaps in the new season, if they add the tough Kunde to Coulibaly, they will play more consistently. In the meantime, Manchester City is out of competition, although they don’t put on defense as the reason for trophies.

Guardiola has a coach-friendly and opponent-uncomfortable defense system. Through possession, a high pressing line. Dias is a world class defender, Stones and LaPorte are fine. Walker is much better than he is commonly thought of. Cancelu was the best edge defender in the world during stretches last season. Now Zinchenko is leaving for Arsenal and Cucurella is being called up to replace him. A footballer from the Barcelona school. Physically, Marc is fine, young, able to break down and balance the left flank if Cancelou plays on the right.

If Cucurella fails, there’s Jose Luis Gaia from Valencia. This Spaniard is waiting for an offer from a serious club, he has gained experience in the Spanish national team and at 27 years old he deserves a chance. But it is Mark who is adapted in the APL and younger, so Cucurella is the main target. Given that Stones will cover the right wing if necessary and LaPorte the left, even selling Ake is unlikely to put MC on another lateral. Walker, Cancela and Cucurella will suffice.

Even the center of the field was strengthened by a newcomer

You’d think it would be better if Rodri, De Bruyne and Bernardo were on the field. Guardiola was faithful to himself. He actively experimented, put Foden in the center and even tried Grilicz once. But Fernandinho’s departure has caused concern about Rodri’s condition. The Spaniard will be under a lot of pressure. After the first part of the season will go to Qatar, so the Citizens decided to sign Phillips. Calvin will take his chances, Leeds will get £42 million, not including bonuses.

It’s strange if Calvin believes he’ll be ahead of Gundogan and Bernarda on his way to the mainstay, playing alongside Rhodri and De Bruyne. But it is possible that the Englishman knows more than others. Guardiola confirmed that Silva is not happy with everything. The kind of Mane who baffled some Liverpool fans by his unwillingness to stay at a team that has all the conditions to fight for trophies and growth. Bernardo was also thinking about Barcelona before the Catalans spent all their money on Dembele, Lewandowski and Rafinho.

But a bid for Phillips explains what Guardiola lacks. Not enough aggressive players. That’s why Walker praised Zinchenko for coming on as a substitute, with aggravating passes and working at his personal limit. De Bruyne, Bernardo and Gundogan are “sleep killers.” They first cradle the opponent with passes, as Busquets, Xavi and Iniesta did. But the sharpness of action that bailed out Real Madrid’s Modric, Benzema and Vinicius on their way to another Champions Cup is not MC’s hobbyhorse.

Alvarez, Phillips and Holland are needed to make Manchester City angrier. Guardiola likes order, his holy game chaos is different from that of Klopp or Tuchel. Year after year, brick by brick, they assemble a squad that will be worthy of a big, winning Champions League final. “Manchester City, if Cucurella plays reliably in defense, will be even stronger in defense. There are no fewer options at center back, unless Gundogan decides to leave before the end of the summer. But in attack now Alvarez and Holand.

And those are two of South America and Europe’s top young center forwards. Surgical precision with transfers makes City one of the champions of the transfer summer. The signings are clever. If Alvarez turns out to be what he looks like at River Plate, they’ll win the lottery altogether. They will get a player worth 80-100 million euros for just seventeen. They took Holand for 60, not counting the commission to the intermediaries, and the forward, who costs less than 150 million euros to take from Manchester City will not work.

Everything is great for the Citizens, except one thing: without winning the Champions League, the belief in exclusivity in this squad will fade, rather than persist for years, as at Real Madrid. Kings need a crown, and the ornament from the APL Champions Cup is no longer impressive.


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