Guardiola without the title and Ronaldo without the Champions League

Guardiola without the title and Ronaldo without the Champions League

Liverpool vs Manchester City

Yesterday published the results of a computer analysis of the database of the company “The Analyst”, which also specializes in rugby, basketball and American soccer. The artificial intelligence based on objective data has made its “prediction” for the APL season. With a 49.72% probability Liverpool will become the champion. With a probability of 47.03% – Manchester City. Apparently, there are hints in the calendar that you can’t see. Klopp disagrees – leaves Guardiola as champion, although he promises to show the maximum with Liverpool. It’s hard to predict when opponents are this strong, and the title can de facto be played in two head-to-head matches. Last season, Liverpool needed just one goal against Ederson to take the title away from Manchester City.

Manchester United vs ten Hague

Do you see Lymer and de Jong in a MJ jersey? No one does. Witnessed Ronaldo’s timely and profitable parting of the ways for the Devils? Also, no. Doubts are piling up, starting with a bid for the lowest central defender in the APL, Lisandro Martinez. Or refusing to buy a profiled center forward. Artificial intelligence puts MJ in fifth place, but let’s see what Arteta thinks about that. Rogers, Moyes, or Newcastle’s mentor. The sad fact is that this United is not an APL favorite for a long time. Even their chances of making it into the top 4 are estimated at only 25%, almost like Arsenal’s chances (22%). Ronaldo could be without the Champions League again, and then he will definitely leave his once beloved United. There are too many hidden secrets and contradictions at the club, psychology is the key to everything, and ten Hague started with conflicts and misunderstandings.

“Newcastle” vs rich midfielders

In order to capture the transfer market with crazy deals in the future, Newcastle need European Cups, a legal bridge to the entry of “sponsorship” money, like Chelsea or Manchester City did, which also rose to the top, rather than being there for decades. “The Magpies, fighting for a high seventh place in the APL, will face West Ham, a team that already has experience of reaching the European cups, Leicester, a former champion with a good coach and squad, and Aston Villa, an interesting rich gang of Coutinho and Buendía with a young and daring mentor Gerrard. Nor should Leeds and Everton be underestimated. They are predicted to be near the relegation zone, but even Eddie Howe should not be relaxed. “The Magpies haven’t lured Maddison yet, haven’t strengthened the squad enough to intimidate Leicester and Birmingham. “Newcastle needs a breakthrough, but the competition is a good dozen.

Martinez and Coulibaly vs van Dijk and Dias

The most expensive defenders of the offseason in the APL are Lisandro and Kalidou. The Senegalese asked not to be compared to Rüdiger, and politely called John Terry to take his legendary number. Tuchel is pleased that such a defender has emerged, although Kunde, the French Martinez, has not been recruited. Ten Hag initially called for another Ajax defender, but it was the Argentine, who on the eve of the 2022 World Cup, agreed to be in Scaloni’s base. It’s interesting how expensive players adapt in the APL, because the “standard of beauty” in the work of central defenders is set – van Dijk and Dias spent a series of powerful seasons. The Dutchman has changed since his injury, but that’s where Klopp came in with tactical and stylistic ideas. Liverpool and Man City’s championships were built on the work of centerbacks. Let’s see how the expensive signings will change MU and Chelsea.

Bournemouth and Nottingham Forest vs Fulham and Southampton

The artificial intelligence chose the main outsiders of the season – gave more than 43% on the departure of “Bournemouth”, “Nottingham Forest” and “Fulham”. Makes sense in principle. Also do not believe in “Southampton”, and predict a difficult season for “Brentford”, although these clubs can be saved. In addition to them, the list of outsiders includes Leeds – they lost Filipps and Rafinha. But Everton and Wolverhampton are considered middling without the risk of outright relegation. It’s not easy for newcomers from the Championships to survive in the APL, even if they spend like mad. The legendary Nottingham Forest, a club with two Champions Cup victories, recruited nearly 100 million euros worth of players. In any other league with that kind of reinforcement, they could have been thinking about the European Cups. In the APL, they are likely to struggle for survival. There have been exceptions, but even one strong season does not guarantee that the newcomer will not fly out in the future. And it’s not just a team with no experience. Remember how Lampard saved Everton in the spring. But the Toffees have spent, spent and spent. Their squad is no cheaper than West Ham’s and the results are different.

Kane and Salah vs Holand and Nunez

Erling and Darwin will also be compared to each other. I wonder who adapts better in the new teams? Klopp and Guardiola’s success depends on the performance of the new forwards. Of course, the wily coaches have overreached – Jurgen does not want to let Firmino go after Mane, understands that Jota and Bobby will motivate Nunez with their presence. Alvarez and the “false nine” scheme will be on Guardiola’s mind if Hollande repeats Lukaku’s fate at Chelsea. The fight for the APL Golden Boot, which Salah, Son, Kane, Vardy, Mane and Aubameyang have received in recent years, is habitually the jewel of the English season. The betting masters are betting on Holand, followed by Salah and Kane. In Jesus they believe only slightly less than in Son and Ronaldo. Knowledge won’t help here, you have to guess, because any injury will override rational arguments. But we will definitely see a battle between the old guard and the youngsters.

Tuchel and Conte vs Arteta and ten Hague

Klopp and Guardiola were both English champions, as was Conte, but at Chelsea, Antonio picked up a morally murdered leader rather than building a successful team from a total failure. The situation was simpler, Liverpool and Manchester City were not as powerful as they are now. North London versus Chelsea and Manchester City are the four most likely future Champions League participants lurking in a year’s time. Artificial Intelligence sees no argument at all for MC and Liverpool failing in the battle for the top four – the odds are above 99% in both cases. But there is Tottenham with 70% chance, Chelsea with a 62% chance of success, and the forecasts of MM with Arsenal are not so consoling – the chances of the Champions League are 22-25%. At the same time, the Canaries have strengthened the squad, Conte received a wide application – recruited people for the rotation. Tuchel will get himself some newcomers, after publicly criticizing the transfer campaign the new owner has moved, and MJ is also with money – by the end of the summer ten Hague is waiting for a few more players. All of the top contenders can play, but as long as Eric’s players leave the stadium before the match is over, his project is definitely not a championship one. As usual, there are doubts about what a good coach will do at the Devil’s Club. True, Arsenal and Tottenham don’t have a reputation for luck either. Chelsea alone is a cup fighter, but Tuchel got new bosses with whom he has already quarreled, and publicly.