Gujarat Giants against Dabang Delhi: Preview and Prediction 

The most important thing to note from their last encounter was how effectively they worked together as a team, with both the defense and attack contributing equally to the victory. 

Record of head-to-head competition

Gujarat Giants have the upper hand in this rivalry thanks to their early dominance, as they have five victories against the blue side. Meanwhile, Delhi has only beaten Gujarat twice, with the other two matches ending in a tie. It will be intriguing to watch whether Ravinder Pahal, the former captain and club icon of Dabang Delhi, returns to the mat. 

Gujarat Jayants vs. Dabangg Delhi

Coaches often offer their thoughts on players, such as how they will deal with the issue and fight back with tremendous vigor. Both teams put up a lot of effort.  Paltan trounced the Capital-based club by 17 points in their match against Pune. Despite the fact that the assaulting unit was able to regroup, Dabang Delhi’s defense line appeared to be in disarray. Due to the team’s recent defensive issues, head coach Krishan Kumar Hooda may feel compelled to use Sandeep Narwal solely as a defender. ‘The Naveen Express’ has started training and will fight again shortly. 


Gujarat has a better head-to-head record and is in better condition right now, but it would be premature to rule out Dabang Fauj. Manjeet Chhillar’s Delhi is hoping for five match points to reclaim first place in the rankings. 

Because each side has its own strong capacity and skill set to fight against each other, the war will be more interesting. The competition will be fierce. 

Players to Watch

Sunil Kumar Malik: Sunil’s play has drastically improved after his reinstatement as captain due to the absence of Ravinder Pahal, and the right-cover defender is now guiding Giants.

Vijay Malik: Vijay had a terrific Senior Nationals campaign as the captain of Chandigarh, finishing in the Top 10 raiders of the event. He became Delhi’s most reliable source of raid points in Naveen’s absence, which he continued in season eight. 

Their previous meeting earlier this season resulted in an exciting tie between these two clubs.

The game came to a close with a score of 24-24 after 40 minutes of slow-paced action in which both defense units kept the game confined.