How India’s fake cricket league was exposed

How India's fake cricket league was exposed

Fraudsters who organized a fake cricket championship to defraud Russians were detained in India

In India, they detained swindlers who organized a fake cricket championship and deceived dozens of Russian bettors. In total, they were able to swindle four and a half thousand dollars.

All this, of course, looked more like the entertainment of village boys – a wasteland instead of a playing field, two lanterns, made-up rules, broadcasting from a single camera. But many people believed that this was a real competition, and the con men even made it to the playoff stage.

Young men with muscular arms more accustomed to a shovel, a confused referee, and a stunted lawn. This production clearly lacked a talented director, but it worked and reached its goal. A fake cricket championship was bet on until it turned out that the match was not real.

“We dispatched a capture team when we found out about the illegal betting. And discovered that two teams were broadcasting on YouTube. The players said they were getting 400 rupees a game,” Gujarat police spokesman Bagira Rathod said.

400 rupees is about five dollars. The police, like in a real Indian movie, arrived in the midst of the game and caught everyone red-handed.

Including the Gujarat citizens who were playing the game. They filmed the contest in one shot, carefully avoiding unnecessary details, and broadcasted it to Russia! And it is clear that the scammers did not choose our country by chance.

The whole calculation was that most of the Russian spectators have no idea what Indian cricket looks like. That it is not a competition on a stomped lawn with equipment that looks like a broken rolling pin. It is a serious sport, which ranks number one in this country.

The fact of Russian broadcasts was detected by IP-addresses. And at the same time they discovered that the game had been deliberately tweaked depending on the stakes. So that gamblers in Moscow would lose outright and not ask for a refund.

“Judges carry a walkie-talkie, and they receive instructions depending on the bet. That’s what they make money on,” Rathod, a law enforcement officer, clarified.

Advertisements for the fake championship were distributed in Telegram channels. There they also gave links to broadcasts on social networks and to the site where they accepted bets. Well, there were enough naive people, even though there are real cricket fans in our country.

“Well, of course, it’s designed only for those who don’t understand at all and who are only interested in betting, betting, betting” – said the president of the cricket holding Alexander Sorokin.

Indians suspect that the organizers of the fake broadcasts are also in Russia, they even call a certain name Asif Mohammed. That is allegedly the name of the boss of fake competitions.

In turn, Russian bookmakers recall that ten years ago in our country there was already an attempt to organize fake bets.

“Unfortunately, this is not the first such situation. I personally know a case when careless novice sportsmen organized a friendly match just in the kitchen. I don’t remember which teams, from the former CIS countries, of course, from the lower leagues, but, fortunately, nothing worked out for them,” noted the trader of a betting company, Evgeny Medved.

With the development of social networks, betting fraud has become an epidemic that has bizarrely linked two countries: India, which has cricket, and Russia, where it has just become widely known.


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