Ian Bishop does not think that Umran Malik has shown his full potential

Ian Bishop does not think that Umran Malik has shown his full potential

Ian Bishop, a former Caribbean speedster and well-known pundit, has heaped admiration on promising Indian pacer Umran Malik during the recent Indian Premier League season (IPL). Bishop said he enjoys seeing him bowl at such a high rate.

Umran Malik’s ability to routinely smash the deck with over 150 clicks has raised nearly every eyebrow in the Indian Premier League. Several specialists from over the world have praised his unprocessed pacemaker.

“He appears to be a quick learner and a dedicated worker who isn’t intimidated by the current batsman’s boundary hitting prowess.” He is struck for crossing lines and continues to sprint in even faster. That is a fantastic mindset to have. As a quick bowler in the T20 format, having a short memory is advantageous.

In a short amount of time, Malik has won everyone’s heart. The greatest of the best in the world have been concerned by his intimidating pace. While numerous cricket experts have argued for his inclusion in India’s T20 World Cup team, others believe he should be groomed further and turned into a devastating bowler.

It will be fascinating to observe how Indian selectors react to the scenario. Umran is expected to be called up for the next T20I series against South Africa and Ireland, but there is still some hesitation since he is still too raw.

“Forget about the inevitable poor overs or terrible games as soon as possible and focus on putting on a nice show with a grin and delight.” However, it’s vital to remember that Malik is still a work in progress. “He’s nothing near the completed product,” Bishop added.

It’s encouraging to watch Umran Malik moulding himself with greater precision while maintaining his speed, according to Bishop.

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