India defeats Bangladesh by 110 runs to keep their playoff hopes alive 

India faced Bangladesh in the ICC Women’s World Cup 2022’s ‘Match 22.’ The Indian squad had lost two games in a row and needed a win to stay in contention for the playoffs.

The Indian ladies put up a strong showing, ensuring that their prospects of reaching the semi-finals are still very much alive. A win by 110 runs has also boosted their net run rate in case the remaining two teams form a cluster. Indian bowlers put in a professional performance, limiting Bangladesh to and securing a decisive victory. 

India defeats Bangladesh by 110 runs

When Kaur was run-out in the 28th over courtesy of a magnificent straight hit by Fargana Hoque, India appeared to be upping the ante. Bangladesh, on the other hand, was outstanding in the field throughout the day and throughout the competition.

However, if these women begin to remark on cricket and adopt the position of critics, there would be a problem. They are deceiving themselves and exacerbating their agony. They may feel left out of cricket debates due to their lack of experience. Cricket is popular among women because it is popular among males. Women get a lot of attention when they watch cricket. 

When India lost Smrithi Mandhana in the 15th over with the score at 74, Ritu Moni removed Shafali and Mithali on back-to-back deliveries in the very next over, the bowler on a Hat-trick when Harmanpreet Kaur stepped into bat. 

Bangladesh was never able to get going in the race. With the wicket of Sharmin Akhter, Rajashwari Gayakwad made her initial breakthrough, and Bangladesh’s downward spiral began.

The spin combination of Rajeshwari Gayakwad, Sneh Rana, and Poonam Yadav weaved a web around the Bangladesh batsmen, who were never able to recover from their disastrous start. They continued to go down the barrel, with Sneh Rana chipping away at the wickets in particular. 

It can happen over a lengthy period of time in some cases. In 2021, I was inconsistent for the first time. It occurs all the time. We’re excited for the upcoming match. The first cooperation was fantastic. It’s critical for the new hitter to acclimate to this wicket. Yastika bowled a fantastic anchor knock. Despite losing two games in a row.

Their game had a gallantry about it that had to be respected. Watching them play, you could see they were great people, comradely, patriotic, and chivalrous, who had given it their all but fallen just short. Despite their setback, they have permanently altered the game. No Indian male can today declare he doesn’t watch women’s cricket without being chastised or labelled a stupid. 

Women’s cricket is a highly skilled and competitive sport. Its players are technically proficient and athletic. It does, however, have an antique look to it, which is, for the time being, a big part of its allure. I was struck by the players’ courtesy to one another and their amazing acceptance of the umpires’ choices. There was no whining, sulking, or sledging to be found. Bowlers took wickets and smiled, with none of the fist-pumps and roars heard in the men’s game, and no expletive-laced send-offs for batters. 

Bowlers took wickets and smiled, with none of the fist-pumps and roars heard in the men’s game, and no expletive-laced send-offs for batters. In a moment of self-reproach, she whispered the word.

In contrast, the stump mic in the men’s game picks up so much obscenity that viewing a game with small children may be humiliating. 

India will be pleased with their large win over Bangladesh, but they must now concentrate on their crucial match against South Africa, as the squad still has to win to secure a playoff spot rather than relying on the outcomes of the remaining group stage matches.