Irfan Patan called MC Dhoni “the greatest finisher” in the IPL

Irfan Pathan believes the IPL has seen many finishers, but Dhoni’s position is unrivalled since he has been the face of the major event since its beginning, and he produced a match-winning innings against Mumbai Indians.

Irfan Patan called MC Dhoni "the greatest finisher" in the IPL

Irfan Pathan, a former India pacer, believes the IPL has seen many finishers, but MS Dhoni’s standing is unrivalled since the former Indian captain has been the face of the major tournament since its beginning.

“He is without a doubt the best. If we’re talking about current season, the names of Rahul Tewatia, Dinesh Karthik, and Shimron Hetmyer come to mind since they’ve been consistently ending games for their respective teams. “However, when it comes to the final finisher, there will definitely be just one name,” he continued.

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