It can’t get any worse than that. Liverpool and Manchester United are 9-0 overall this season

One of the staples of English soccer fans is that there is the highest level of competition in the APL, “everyone can beat everyone” and all that sort of thing. It’s silly to argue that the Premier League remains the coolest tournament in terms of player selection, it really is a quality soccer show, but the internal competition now and in recent years is not at all what fans inertly imagine it to be. The APL has quietly turned into La Liga, with Liverpool and Manchester City as the classic Real Madrid and Barcelona, playing in their championship.

Liverpool and Manchester United are 9-0 overall this season

In Spain, the teams from the bottom of the table are now regularly nipping at the leaders: Cadiz has four points against Barcelona and a draw against Real Madrid, Levante has taken points from both Madrid giants, Alaves has beaten Atletico and has not lost a game against Barça. All of these teams could start next season in the Segunda. How many points do you think Leeds, Everton, Burnley, Watford and Norwich took away from the leaders? The correct answer is 0. Five teams from the bottom of the APL standings have lost to City and Liverpool in 17 of their 17 games by a combined score of 3:56.

Anyone can beat anyone. Only Liverpool and Man City don’t count

What to say about the outsiders, if the matchup between the second team and the sixth team turns out to be so lopsided. “Manchester United is weak this season, but even in this state claims to be in the top 4, the Mancunians are in sixth place in the standings and yet in two matches under two different coaches in one round loss to Liverpool. In fact, 0-5 under Sulzer wasn’t as dismal as 0-4 under Rangnick. “Liverpool crushed MJ without even coming out of economy mode, and the Devils themselves struck twice against Alisson’s goal. The first was in the 54th minute.

And we knew it would be like this, so it was no surprise. Liverpool’s big win in the North-West derby is not as shocking as Real Madrid’s recent defeat to Barcelona by the same score – there was the drama of a drowned favorite in a warm bath, but here the drowned players took the field with no hope, no plan, no ideas and no passion. They served up a number and went home. All in all, it’s time to mark the mantra that everyone can beat everyone in the APL with an “asterisk.” And decipher below: Liverpool and Man City do not factor into this formula.


The most important event of the match took place in the stands, not on the pitch. “Liverpool and Manchester United are definitely not friendly clubs, especially on a fan level, but the trouble in Cristiano Ronaldo’s family did not leave anyone indifferent. The teams took to the pitch with mourning armbands, and in the 7th minute of the match, Liverpool fans rose from their seats and gave a minute of applause in support of the Portuguese, and at the same time sang “You’ll never walk alone” to him. A number of people even brought along Manchester United shirts with Ronaldo’s number seven and name on them. Liverpool fans. At Anfield. Absolute respect.

Just the facts

  • After the first half, Liverpool were winning 2-0, owning the ball 78% of the game time. “Manchester United didn’t strike a single shot toward Alisson’s goal before halftime. Both goals were saved for the second half: in the 54th minute, Sancho headed the ball into the hands of Alisson, and in the 62nd, Elanga missed the ball from outside the penalty box. And that’s all the threats.
  • Liverpool opened the scoring in the 5th minute and doubled their lead in the 22nd, without trying to “kill” MJ, but even in energy-saving mode, the Reds carried the game to a smashing end. Four of the five shots on goal by David De Gea resulted in goals.
  • The overall score between Liverpool and MU this season in the APL is 9-0. This is United’s worst result of a two-match clash in the league in 129 years. It was worse only at the end of the 19th century: Sunderland won 11-0 (5-0 and 6-0) in the 1892/93 season.
  • Mohamed Salah is the ultimate exorcist. Egyptian scored 5 of his 9 goals for the Red Devils, assisting twice more. Mo had 3+1 at Old Trafford and 2+1 at Anfield. In total, Salah now has 9 goals in 10 games against Manchester United. The same number of goals he has scored against Watford and West Ham, more often than not.
  • Since the founding of the Premier League, Manchester United have conceded 76 goals from Liverpool. More than from any other opponent.
  • For the third match in a row, Man United have conceded four goals or more from Liverpool. The streak began with a 2-4 defeat last May and has continued 0-5 and 0-4 this season.
  • “Manchester United” cannot beat Liverpool in the APL for more than four years – since March 2018. In the last eight face-to-face matches, the Merseysiders have won five victories and settled for draws three times.