Italy was let down by Mancini

Italy was let down by Mancini

Roberto Mancini is a coach of the level of Zenit

But not the champion’s, but St. Petersburg’s from fifth place. When you put an average mentor in a rallying idea (Italy) or just a squad fueled by transfers (Manchester City, Inter), you end up with trophies. Some in the 93rd minute and 20 seconds, as was the case with Agüero’s championship goal, after which British bookmakers had to pay twenty million pounds to all those who believed in the Citizens in the course of a bad match. Mancini was lucky with the teams, but when it was necessary to rebuild the team, the tactics, to find links with the players, then Zenit turned out more often. He did a great job with Italy on the eve of the Euros, but Roberto is named as the dummy for the scarf for a reason. He is an arrogant former forward whose staff and himself were deservedly praised for their work a year ago, especially at the beginning of the tournament. At the same time, it was remarked that Italy won against the class of the head coach. It is obvious now that Mancini’s decisions are dragging the team down. He should not have quit after failing to qualify for the 2022 World Cup.

“The Scuadra Azzurra” passed its peak a year ago

Of the squad that beautifully carried off the Turkish team almost a year ago, five players played in the core against Argentina. Not many, but remember the importance at the start of the Euro Spinazzola before his injury. Chiesa lit up in the course of the tournament, and now Federico is in the infirmary. Bonucci and Chiellini were a year younger, and Donnarumma did not drink from the bitter well that stands in the golden cage in Paris. Gianluigi thought he was going after the dream and would play with Ramos, Messi, Neymar, Mbappe and Di Maria in the Champions League final. It didn’t work out, and now the young, gifted goalkeeper can’t steer the great veterans in the right direction. And Juventus legends simply can’t keep up with their opponents. When Bonucci could not win a power play against Lautaro, it became clear – the Italian national team needs to rebuild, above all, the defense. Although we’ll look at the attacking side a little lower.

It’s normal for the Italian national team to dive to the bottom

There are some teams that are comets. And when they fly through the trophy atmosphere, they get burnt out, although the whole world appreciates the flight itself. Historically, this scenario is nothing new for Italy. There were great footballers in the thirties, but both World Cup victories in fascist Europe turned out to be stale. Then there was a long pause, Italy returned to the big stage only in 1968, when after the final draw with Yugoslavia they beat Jaic in a replay. And just two years earlier in England, the Italians had managed to fall short of the group with North Korea. They still tell the story that at halftime the Asians’ coach changed some of the players, because the Europeans couldn’t tell them apart. The triumph of 1982, which is also epitomized by the great Dzoff – winning the Euros and the World Cup 14 years apart – happened after Totonero-80. A huge scandal related to the organization of match-fixing. Then there was a scandalous flight to Asia, failure to qualify from the group in Portugal, and then won the World Cup 2006.

Losing to very worthy opponents

It turned out that it was necessary to appoint Lionel as coach so that Argentina would not lose in 32 consecutive matches. Only not Messi, but Scaloni. The “older smart brother” mentor doesn’t stop Messi’s namesake from circling everyone, Di Maria from reminding them how great and underrated he is, and Dibala, Lautaro and the rest from creating while the destroyers in the squad do their thing under Emiliano Martinez’s watchful eye. Argentina was good, but don’t forget about the Swiss team. Knocked out Euro 2020 favorite France with Benzema, and although former Spartak coach Murat Yakin now works there instead of Petkovic, the desperate international of immigrant children remains on the list of the strongest teams in the world. Italy were close to going to Qatar – poor Giorginho will dream about those penalties, but Sommer and company are not innocent. Neither is Argentina, queen of the America’s Cup.

Italy has few superstars in soccer

Only time will tell if Donnarumma’s career will be great. He has that luxury of minutes on the field in the future, so that personal encounters with Benzema are forgotten and great new saves are remembered. Only time will tell what career decision Jorginho will make. He wasn’t always comfortable at Chelsea, playing on shots. In addition, the Brazilian without the elite school – he got into soccer from the bottom, cooked at the level of the finals of the Champions League and the Euros not for a long time, not mentally ready to lose. Messi, as seen yesterday, has learned. And Jorginho certainly can’t be called a legend for all time. Barella, Locatelli, Pessina, Pellegrini are not on the lists of the most expensive players in the world. Immobile and Belotti are many years old, and Mancini does not know how to get along with forwards. Already at Euro 2020, closer to the finals, we saw the inconsistency between Ciro’s style and the forward delivery plan the coach chose.

The team is strong, it needs a coach and reform

One loss to Argentina, or even a historic failure to qualify for the World Cup – Italy will miss two tournaments in a row for the first time in history – is no way to make definitive conclusions about the future of the Scuadra Azzurras. They’ve come back so many times, rearranged the roster, changed mentors and found the right ones, it’s best to be patient and watch. It’s not a fact that Mancini will last. The Italians are emotional and the team has League of Nations matches against the Germans, Hungarians and the English ahead. The series of failures will linger – after the draws with the Swiss and Northern Irish there was a defeat in the tie against Northern Macedonia, and the Football Federation will make a decision. In the meantime, we need to look for defenders. Acerbi is already 34 years old, Bonucci is 35, and Chiellini, 37, finished his career with the Italian national team yesterday. It is not easy to find a partner for Bastoni, but Scuadra loses, but does not give up. There is Giorginho, Barella and Verratti in the center of midfield. There will be Insigne and Chiesa in attack. Immobile may play differently under the new coach, although the guys from Sassuolo are interesting, just Mancini has not yet been able to unlock their potential.

It all came down to natural causes – the Italians were expecting a party in Qatar after a surprise holiday, and ended up in a history lesson. Before Euro 2020, the Italians were quoted about seventh among the favorites. They ended up winning in a penalty shootout against a talented England, but overestimated their strength in the future selection. They have to start over. It’s even good for them that they have four tough matches in a week and a half in the Nations League. Mancini will show himself and the Italians will draw conclusions. Let the latest defeats have more than one father, Roberto may be the reason why they don’t play powerfully. Switzerland and Argentina are tough teams, but they didn’t outplay Northern Macedonia in Palermo. Happiness will not fall on his head, Ancelotti is younger than his years, not ready to repeat Lippi’s experience and work for the Italian national team, but it’s time to think about a change of mentor.