It’s time to remove Neymar from PSG

It's time to remove Neymar from PSG

Tite called Neymar a “great footballer.” The forward would break Pele’s record for goals for the national team. But without his miraculous transformation at the 2022 World Cup into a leader and champion, he will not be in line with Ronaldo, Garrincha and Didi. The tick-tockers of Paris adore him, but if we evaluate Neymar as a player, he is rather fantastically gifted.

At the same time, the thirst for the eternal carnival consumes the footballer with his head. Where are the guarantees that the Brazilian on the eve of important matches does not play poker nights? After all, he wants to become a pro after his career is over. And lack of sleep is the reason for his pale soccer game. Neymar is definitely not the main fan of regime in sports.

And not the first in the ability to keep quiet, tolerate and plow. Now Júnior has stated that he supposedly is not allowed to celebrate birthdays in a big way and “be happy.”

You can’t celebrate your grandmother’s birthday, your son’s birthday, your wife’s birthday, much less your own. It’s hard to be an athlete.

No, being an athlete is physically difficult, but enjoyable. At the age of thirty, you are provided for the rest of your life, you get all the glory and attention. And you quit playing active soccer after a couple of seasons. Then you will be able to have fun as a young man all year round, not only on your sister’s birthday.

Neymar was born on the same day as Ronaldo, but seven years later. It is clear that he will not stay in Europe and the national team until he is forty, he is already thinking about leaving. And here they criticize Neymar for his lack of professionalism at PSG, it is not about celebrating his grandmother’s birthday.

Lame discipline

Neymar is definitely not an alcoholic, but a drinking problem in Paris is not ruled out. Ronaldinho, Socrates (an incredibly intelligent man, but drank every day), Garrincha (ended up in poverty, deceived by his environment) and Adriano (made it, but not without health consequences) all had alcoholism.

Robinho’s drunken adventures led to a nine-year sentence. Broke the life of some girl, the court found that the former Real Madrid and MC forward took part in a gang rape. Now Robinho is hiding from justice. Many Brazilian players have admitted to drinking problems, getting treatment.

Sicinho used to come to training drunk at Real Madrid. Jo struggled to quit. Neymar has a PR team with lawyers, his sins are always covered. But numerous parties are a fact. It’s no coincidence that it was this spring that there was talk that Pochettino had finally lost control of Neymar.

The player, who cost the PSG sheiks 500 million euros – including salary, bonuses and transfer value – can squeeze out two assists in six Champions League games in a season. Neymar has played just 22 games in Ligue 1 (he played 18 last season, even earlier 15 and 17).

He might as well have played for PSG with Nkunku, the club’s pupil, who has a higher output at Leipzig. Only the young Frenchman does not need to pay a lot of money. Neymar’s transfer will never pay off, and although PSG does not count the money, it is for the time being.

Rights without responsibilities

Even five years ago, PSG included clauses in Neymar’s contract that, according to serious French publications, are completely unacceptable to any normal coach. The forward has two personal physiotherapists, two people on the payroll, to whom he can complain forever about injuries.

It is forbidden to play hard against Neymar in training. The Brazilian can refuse defensive assignments in classes and matches. After the attack on the fan, there are bonuses for “politeness, friendliness and punctuality” in his new contract with PSG – paying €541,000 a month.

There is also an “ethical bonus” – for refusing to criticize teammates, tactics and coaches the Brazilian receives 6.5 million euros a year. Real insanity, with such rights a man will never work at the limit. When one has unlimited power, you get a disaster.

A fantastically gifted player, able to do incredible things without space, is remembered forever crying and losing. Neymar was last in winner mode in 2015, when he won the Champions League with Messi and Suarez. It’s been a long seven years.

The team needs a center-forward

Where to put him if Neymar stays? Playing with Scamacca, Neymar, Messi and Mbappe at the center is a death sentence for winning the Champions League. Plus in the center Verratti is a creative, creative player, he can’t handle another partner with pressure in the decisive stages of the Champions League.

Neymar isn’t Muller or Di Maria who press. And PSG’s defense won’t necessarily become more reliable, especially if Donnarumma regrets his move to Paris, as Neymar already did. He was going back to Barcelona, but the financial collapse of the Catalans ruined plans not only for Messi.

It is difficult to reassemble a group of disgruntled people into a combat-ready team that is not divided into clans. And Neymar is also often in the infirmary. The forward will insist that the injuries have nothing to do with how he trains, how many hours he sleeps, what he drinks. Why then is Neymar bright in stretches, even in Ligue 1?

Golovin, when healthy, was also able to bully French defenders, it’s not an indicator of strength. A central striker and defender is needed for PSG to succeed, and Neymar is unlikely in the core. The only problem is the salary. No other club in Europe would have the headache of inviting him.

The equivalent of Bale and Hazard at Real Madrid

Neymar is an expensive and incredibly strong footballer who does not play the way he can and should. He owes himself, for starters, since the World Cup is in the winter. Without Júnior’s great work, Tite won’t be able to bring the soccer carnival back to the streets of Rio de Janeiro. And if Neymar is a liability, they will be without the cup.

The desire to take the World Cup is the reason why, after a difficult conversation with Galtier, the Brazilian may decide to leave on loan. PSG will lose money, lose a potential trump card, but gain a chance to get rid of a capricious man who does not plow into the team. Neymar plays to please himself.

And when he doesn’t, he stops, which is why we’ve heard him whistled at by PSG fans. With such a rich roster allowed Monaco and Lille to take the championship titles. The Brazilian is not a ringleader or a leader. Neymar has been harshly underperforming without the ball, even in the Champions League.

Now Messi is next to Messi on clean balls and there is no one in the penalty area, because Icardi is also on a roll. The departure from Real Madrid is legitimate, as is Benzema’s refusal to come to Paris. PSG needs tough decisions, and if Councillor Campos is allowed to remove Neymar, that would be a nice sign.

Another thing is that the coaches of other clubs do not want him in their squad against the will of the player. Pogba’s history repeats itself. Perhaps Neymar will finish his contract with PSG on the bench. But it’s strange to pay a substitute 50 million euros (with taxes), not counting bonuses for politeness.

And any adequate coach understands that Neymar is not Mane, he will not turn into a false forward. Nor is he a “ten” who works in defense. And not an ideal teammate for Mbappe as their favourite zones overlap. Neymar could have been part of the project without Messi, Lionel’s arrival broke everything.

Kylian could have been moved to the new forward in attack, and the Brazilian could have been left as a dispatcher in the 4-3-1-2 model. But the 4-3-3 scheme has room for a forward, but no room for a Brazilian, who never works to his limit at the club. And he won’t work, because he hasn’t become hardy with age.


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