We’re not there yet, but we’re making progress – Jason Holder 

On Sunday, the West Indies defeated England in the series decider, winning by four wickets. Jason Holder was awarded the series’ best player. The three-match ODI series begins on February 6 in Ahmedabad, followed by three T20Is in Kolkata on February 16.  

When everyone was really, truly unhappy and disappointed, he told CWI’s in-house networks. They collaborated nicely as a group. It’s an incredible feeling; hopefully, they’ll be able to maintain it and build something genuinely unique. 

Jason Holder - His Goals and Success

Holder has concluded that his experience with his squad is exceptional, and that they would give it their all in the forthcoming series. The ability of a team to bond and comprehend each other’s skills is a significant benefit. 

He said it’s meaningful for him because he knows how bad he felt following the Ireland series. Throughout his journey, he gives his all in the team, and his experience counts for a lot in his profession. He also talked about the tough days when the team’s bonding was not strong enough for them to provide their best performance in a match. Everything occurs for a purpose, and all we can do is give it our all. 

However, winning the war before the next trip to India is incredible, but they have worked hard to improve their skill set and train as much as possible, which is something that every teammate should do. 

He went on to say how happy he could not hit a six on last ball because he believed the game was over there. He didn’t realize the ball had hit the stump until Sheldon and Nicholas rushed up to them and told us. 

He claims that this is the best a gang has been to him in a long time. He swears to God that the intensity he saw from the sessions was the most powerful he has ever seen in a West Indies dressing room. Everyone supports a certain option, even if he does not agree with it. 

He expressed his delight at the consistency in the wicket-taking department. He’s really pleased of it, especially in that format. As one might expect, the series had its share of tough periods, and the way he treated them was really fulfilling. Returning to work and finishing periods on time are two key areas where you can improve.