Jay Uso vs Montez Ford

Read the fight preview for Jay Uso vs Montez Ford on WWE night raw

We’ve already seen 2 singles matches between members of these teams and now they’ve decided to give us another one. Why? All right. Angelo and Jimmy were present in the corners of their partners. A classic start, Ford led the showalder tekkel, but ran into a hard strike in the next episode. After getting away from the attack in the corner, Tez had an armdrag followed by a painful armbar. Uso tried to fight back but got an armdrag again. Only Jay seemed to handle the painful one, but got a dropkick and went to the outside of the ring. RK from apron Uso blocked it, sending his foe face first into the apron and then his whole body into the steps, allowing him to retake control. Back from commercial, we saw that the champion was still in control of the fight. Montez ‘exploded’ with a lariat, buying himself some time, then had another, a series of kicks, but Uso suddenly responded with strikes of his own… to ‘eat’ also a bundle of a lariat on the bounce and a stepping munsolt to 2. Walking away from the back suplex, Jay led off with a crowning pop-up nekbreaker to 2. Ford met the hip attack with a superkick, adding a blockbuster to it. Only to 2. The preparation for the frogsplash was disrupted by Jimmy distracting Montez, for which he was attacked by Dawkins, Jay recovered, and instead of attacking Ford flew a suicide dive to Angelo. Montez, on the other hand, gave Jay a suicide dive, bringing him back to the quadrangle, and a From the Heaven Frogsplash brought him the win.

Good televised match actually, and I can even see why this result, the challengers got a bit of an advantage over the champions before the PLE, which should let us know that SP has every chance, as they are statistically better in this confrontation. It wouldn’t be anything if it wasn’t the third singles match between the team feud participants in 3 weeks. Seriously, I’d like to see more effort from the creative RAW team.

Rey Mysterio and Dominic faced Damien Priest and Finn Balor backstage. Finn noted that everyone is celebrating Sina’s 20-year career in WWE today, but Rey Mysterio will be celebrating the same date very soon (20 years since Rey debuted in WWE, so he’s already in his 34th year). And Rey has had a distinguished career: winner of the Royal Rumble, multiple World Champion… only he can’t teach his son to achieve the same success. Priest added that WWE is about to be swallowed up, but their doors are open to those who are tired of following the wrong leaders down the wrong path. Mysterio Sr. was already getting quite heated, especially after Damien said something to Dom in Spanish. Balor clarified his comrade’s words: perhaps it’s not the failures that are haunting Dom, but his father’s bullshit. After these words JD left and Dom held his father back from attacking. Ray challenged Finn and Damien to a team match a week later in San Diego (Mysterio’s ‘home’ town).

We were shown highlights of Sina’s career, from his debut to winning his sixteenth World Championship. This was followed by a video about John’s partnership with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, his support for the US Army, and John’s career outside of WWE: appearances on shows, Hollywood shoots, that sort of thing. Triple H, Batista, Randy Orton, The Rock, Steve Austin and Cody had a few complimentary words, calling him a natural born Entertainer, a man who is good at everything he does and all that. Vince McManus called Sina “a superhero in real life”. It wasn’t as soulful a video as the previous one, and much more pathetic, but it too has every right to exist.


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