Jesus is “slowing down” Hollande’s presentation to Manchester City

Jesus is "slowing down" Hollande's presentation to Manchester City

Pep Guardiola, whom the Spaniard converted from center-forward to right winger last season, is very likely to leave City. The reason? A formidable Viking striker is rushing to Manchester, the envy of all. With a great desire to keep both players in the team, there is no problem, and the famous journalist Gianluca Di Marzio wrote about such an option in early May:

I can’t imagine that Guardiola would let Jesus go. They need another striker of a different type. Hollande is a slightly different player. Jesus will stay because it’s hard to find a player like him. No one knows if Holand will become an untouchable forward for Guardiola from the get-go. You can’t know anything for sure with him. If you don’t follow the tactics Pep wants to see, you end up on the bench. I think Jesus has found the perfect place in Guardiola’s system. He may be the first time he understands what Guardiola wants from him.

However, there is no doubt that with both Holand and Jesus in the attack, recalling Mares, Sterling and Grealish as well, playing practice will suffer for one of those listed. Yes, without the ball, Guardiola’s team often plays a 4-3-3, and there’s no problem adjusting here. However, what happens to the scheme when in possession would require a separate article, but in this case having both Gabriel and Erling in the attack at the same time seems questionable, as it is almost impossible to consider an option in which the key figure in the attack is not Holand.

The warm relationship with the bench of Jesus, who came to a peak, is clearly not attractive. And since mid-spring, rumors of clubs to which the 25-year-old Brazilian might be headed have absolutely expectedly crept in.


One of the main transfer contenders. Most likely was. Since after missing out on the 2022/23 Champions League, Jesus’ interest in the Canaries has cooled off with a 99% probability.

We had talks with Arsenal about Gabriel Jesus, we like the project – we are discussing the possibility.

Another 6 clubs are interested in Gabriel. He is focused on the last games of Manchester City. We’ll see.

This is how his agent Marcelo Pettinati answered a question about Gabriel’s future in mid-May.

Real Madrid

On paper, the option is ideal. Both for the player and for the club. Mbappe postponed the dream, and now Perez and Ancelotti need a striker, albeit not by blood, but by blood. Especially one capable of shifting to the center from the flanks, which is what Jesus practiced in previous seasons. Goal Brasil reported already in June that Papa Carlo contacted Gabriel and heard from the player that he was open to a transfer to his team, and moreover, had already informed Guardiola that he was leaving his team.

However, the pitfalls were pointed out by Cadena SER, who reported that Real Madrid will only actively work on the transfer of Jesus if Vinicius receives a Spanish passport. After all, according to La Liga rules, only four non-European Union players can be registered with the team, and only three can be called up to participate in a single game.

And there are already three players without European passports: Vinicius, Rodrigo and Eder Militao. Other Latin Americans (Marcelo, Casemiro and Federico Valverde) already have Spanish passports. Of course Vini is the closest to obtaining Spanish citizenship, but we do not know at what stage of the bureaucratic process it is.

Chelsea and Tottenham

The interest of this English pairing was reported by As. According to them, the Blues have already informed Jesus that they will make a formal offer, even if the situation will hamper the sale of the club. And it is this factor that could help Spurs, who, unlike Arsenal, can offer the Champions League to Gabriel. However, the success of Chelsea and Tottenham are likely to depend precisely on the above-mentioned situation with Real Madrid’s quota. If the Madrid side fail to resolve the passport nuances, Jesus will come to London one way or another.

Holland and City want to “make it look good”

The Norwegian’s transfer was announced on May 10, Erling had already walked around the base of the new club, had dinner with the managers, visited the academy and started looking for a home. But a month later, the club still hasn’t unveiled an official photo shoot of its newcomer. Why? Perfectionism and no other reason. “Man City intends to make the most of the commercial benefits of announcing a player of this magnitude. The event is already planned, to take place after a social media campaign expected next week. And the key factor is the Norwegian’s game number, which City has not yet announced. It is he who is interfering with Holand’s presentation.

At Borussia, Ehrling spent two seasons with No. 9 on his back. Since March he has also played under the number nine in the Norwegian national team, but at City that number belongs to, don’t be too surprised, Gabriel Jesus. It is very difficult to imagine that right now, with such an uncomfortable background, the club will take away the Brazilian’s number for the sake of an empty formality. You can’t even doubt that it’s impossible – at least because of the cohesiveness of the locker room. And the fact that the media and other sources have reached the nuances of the numbers on the jersey in their insider reports makes it clear that Jesus’ departure is a matter of time. City managers will try to cut him down as soon as possible, because the fans will not get the beauty without the nine on the back and Holland’s shorts, moreover it would be desirable to “make it beautiful” right away.


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