Joao Cancelo became Manchester City’s number seven

Joao Cancelo became Manchester City's number seven

Joao Cancelou is Manchester City’s No. 7

After Raheem Sterling moved to Chelsea, a trump number became available to Manchester City. However, it did not take long for the number seven to feel sad without his master, Joao Cancelou. A bright, technical and attacking, but still an edge defender. Many players in this position wear number 7 on their backs? Another confirmation that in the team of Josep Guardiola reigns democracy, emphasizing the equality of all members of the team. True, fans did not appreciate this choice of the club and Cancela, Man City even had to hide offensive and sarcastic comments on social media.

Asamoah Gyan is No. 3 in the Ghana national team

Number three for defenders? The leader of Ghana’s attacking team of the early twenty-first century does not agree, moreover, Asamoah often duplicated the “three” on his shirt in his hair – he painted a number on his temple. Once Gyan explained himself:

I wore the number three jersey as a teenager in Ghana at a time when my talent and character were being formed. When you have to lift something heavy, you count to three before you proceed. If you want to warn someone, you make one remark, a second, and on the third you begin to act.

Am I being persuasive? By the way, Asamoah Gyan holds the record for the national team of Ghana in the number of played matches (109) and scored goals (51), but he will remember his missed penalty kick in the match with Uruguay at the World Cup 2010 for the rest of his life. He could have led the Black Stars to the World Cup semi-finals.

Gianluigi Buffon is No. 88 for Parma

Buffon spent most of his career at Juventus and the Italian national team playing under No. 1, as a goalkeeper should, although after his return to the Stara Signora from PSG he took No. 77, but at the beginning of his career Gigi had a much more scandalous number consisting of two identical digits. The number 88 has strong links with neo-Nazism, and Buffon in his youth had a T-shirt with the inscription “Death to cowards” (“Boia chi molla”), the phrase used as a slogan by the followers of Benito Mussolini. Gianluigi’s excuse was clever, but not very convincing:

I chose No. 88 because that number looks like four balls. And in Italy, we all know what it means to have “balls”: strength and determination. In fact, I would have preferred No. 00, but the league told me it was impossible.

Rui Patricio is No. 11 at Wolverhampton

The Portuguese goalkeeper at Roma now has quite a standard “one”, but recently he played under two “ones” at Wolverhampton, although No. 11 is more appropriate for a striker. And this is not Patriciu’s whim. Before Rui came to Wolverhampton, No. 1 belonged to Carl Ikema, who was diagnosed with leukemia that caused his career to end prematurely. Patriciu decided not to take No. 1 either out of nobility or superstition, and since the Wolves’ second and third goalkeepers had No. 21 and No. 31, Ruy took No. 11, so it would be nice and clear who was who. But whatever the reasons, the number is very unusual for a goalie.

Ivan Zamorano – No. 1+8 at Inter

“Ivan the Terrible” throughout his career played under the “nine”, which corresponded to his position on the field – a central striker. But more important is the fact that Ivan wore the number 9 in the memory of his father, whom he lost when he was 13: Samorano Senior also played soccer and also played under the number 9. But in 1998 Inter signed Roberto Baggio, the star, and sports director Sandro Mazzola called Chilean in conversation in which he asked Samorano to cede his “nine” to Ronaldo, that he in turn handed the “ten” to Baggio. The Chilean was offered any number with the number 9 at the end, but he did something different: he took number 18 and agreed with the club that between the two digits will appear sign “+”. Under this unusual number Samorano for two seasons came out on the field in Serie A and even in the Champions League.

Edgar Davids – No. 1 at Barnet

Edgar Davids is an iconic player for anyone who loved soccer in the 1990s. His impressive style of play in the support area, for which the Dutchman earned the nickname “Pitbull,” and his striking appearance, complemented by the silver and orange Nike sunglasses that Edgar wore all the time. There was no chance of not noticing or remembering Davids. He won the Champions League with Ajax, spent seven years at Juventus, where he wore number 26, and then had time to play for Barcelona, Inter and Tottenham.

At the end of his career Davids joined English “Barnet” on the rights of the playing coach and gave himself the first number. Edgar claimed to be at the origin of the “new trend”, according to which the numbers in the soccer team will not be allocated by the positional principle, as before. But something went wrong: with the number one on his back, Davids suffered three penalties in the first eight league games (Ligue 2), after which he decided to end his career and concentrate on his coaching duties. In which he also did not succeed.

Out of the competition. Usain Bolt – No. 9.58 in the charity match

The Jamaican track and field athlete nicknamed “Lightning” does not hide his love for soccer, and he doesn’t mind kicking a ball himself, even trying to start a soccer career. Last year Usain took part in the charity match under the aegis of “Unicef” and entered the field of “Etihad” in the shirt with the number 9.58. Those numbers are the world record Bolt in the seconds in the 100 meters sprint. The famous runner disregarded soccer etiquette and bragged about his achievement, using a fractional number as a number.