Jorge Molina is a soccer provincial hero

Jorge molina legend

Sergeyev certainly doesn’t need to feed his complexes for being a latecomer to the top soccer society. The forward won the championship with Zenit, while Jorge Molina only played in the Spanish top league for the first time at the age of 29. Ten years of wandering through the lower divisions brought him fame as a prolific amateur forward, but even with Betis he started in the Segunda. He helped the famous Cucumbers to return to La Liga, and only in October 2011 he distinguished himself in the elite tournament for the first time.

Jorge Molina had a great season at Elche. He was a big goal scorer for Betis, but when a player under 29 is off the radar of top-flight clubs’ scouts, it’s like a “black mark”. The Benidorm and Polideportivo striker was not believed at all, since no one before Elche invited him to join them. But Betis saw a strong forward in the burgeoning guy, and for six years in Seville Jorge managed to score many goals.

And remembered by the Spanish public in January 2011, when by the seventh minute he scored twice against the incomparable Barcelona of Guardiola. Although Messi responded with a double, Arsu’s goal brought Betis a victory that broke the Catalans’ unbeaten streak of twenty-eight matches. Although it should be noted that that game did not mean much – the “blaugranas” took Sevilla in the first match of the Cup with a score of 5:0. But about Molina learned eleven years ago, and now he is back to prominent goals.

Author of the oldest hat-tricks and double

If Ronaldo returns to Real Madrid, which is highly doubtful – although Cristiano can surprise, it’s not taken away from him – he could play in Spain for a couple of years and break Molina’s record. But so far the oldest author of a hat-trick in La Liga is Jorge. He scored three times in the match against Mallorca in 39 years and 241 days. It happened recently, in December, and the forward broke the record of Joaquin Sanchez, who scored against Athletic at the age of 38 years and pennies.

It’s been a couple of months, and Granada forward Molina never tires of surprising. Jorge scored twice against Mallorca. The outsider won 2:6, now the oldest author of a double in the history of La Liga is the 40-year-old Molina, who in a professional club of decent level made his debut only at the age of twenty-five. That’s what it means to believe in the dream! Molina is prepared physically so well that after Saturday’s match against Athletic yesterday he took the field and played the entire game without replacement.

Granada, desperately fighting for survival, was inspired by the result against Mallorca. They beat Athletic at home 1-0. This time, Molina didn’t score, but he had 10 goals and 5 assists. The 40-year veteran is both the best shooter and the best assist for Aitor Karanka’s team. This mentor led the team just recently, but has already managed to win two wins and two draws. So far at his new club, the former Real Madrid player does not know defeats.

Molina applies a fashionable trick

Jorge Molina Vidal is a humble man who never felt like a soccer star, despite his successful duels with Betis. It is not impossible that he will break Donato’s record. The legendary Brazilian scored in the Primera at the age of 40 years, 4 months and 17 days. Now, if Jorge Molina stays at Granada for another year, which he plans to do, and the team is saved from relegation, then this record will fall. Molina is already in second place, ahead of César Rodríguez and Jose Araquistain.

How does Vidal manage to stay in shape at forty? First of all, he is a grown man, unlike many young players. Jorge Molina has diplomas of higher education in sports, can work as a director, received a basic coaching license. Secondly, the soccer player has been using interval fasting for three years. About its benefits should be consulted with doctors, but many athletes use it to stay in shape and reduce the percentage of fat in the body.

Molina eats for eight hours, but beyond 16 (including sleep, of course), she fasts. Sometimes she skips a whole day if she feels the need. Since many Japanese long-livers say that they had similar conditions in their lives-with hunger strikes and big skipping meals, there is something to this diet. Just don’t forget that Jorge Molina is a professional athlete surrounded by doctors and coaches.

Took the number after his famous namesake

Before Granada, Molina scored goals for Getafe, including in the Europa League. He has come a long way, because when Karanka was preparing for his third Champions League final win twenty years ago, the young Molina dreamed of breaking into the core of the club from the regional league, an amateur team from a division with 350 members. Twenty years later, together they drag Granada out of the relegation zone. Karanka likes to see the happy faces of the fans of the new club.

And when Aitor came to the new team, he saw only sad and anxious players who were holding the burden of responsibility on their shoulders. Relegation from the Primera Division for a modest team could mean ruin. Now the outsider has the biggest away win in their history in La Liga, 2-6 against Mallorca. Jorge Molina scored three goals in that meeting, a double and an assist. At 40 years and 15 days he played as a young and promising forward.

In La Liga, even players who entered the field at his age or later are few. In 1935, Horace Law got sick, so the manager was forced to take the field at age 48, but it is hardly worth counting. But one more year and Jorge Molina will break the records of Ricardo, Carboni, Valeron and swing at the achievements of Joaquin, because Sanchez plans to quit next summer. And Molina will stay if Granada is saved from relegation.

Everything that depended on the forward, he has already done, many of his passes and shots brought the team points. While Jorge is a conqueror, just like his namesake, St. George. By the way, Jorge Molina wears his number 23 in Granada in honor of the patron saint of his hometown, Alcoya, who is celebrated by Catholics on April 23. He may not have been star-struck right away, but at forty, Molina is one of the toughest veterans of European soccer, along with Ibrahimovic and Dani Alves.