Judgement Day vs. Bullet Club Finn Balor, Liv Morgan, and A.J. Stiles

Judgement Day vs. Bullet Club Finn Balor, Liv Morgan, and A.J. Stiles

Ripley has updated her “closet, now wearing shorts instead of tights. And one added bright lilac elements to the top of her costume. The fight began with a mass brawl, in which the men neither touched the girls nor fought each other in any way. In the end, Ripley was left alone against three opponents, and Finn and Stiles helped Liv conduct a harrikanrana. A back elbow and a knee in the corner followed, after which the Australian met her opponent’s run-up with a headbutt. Ria dominated Morgan for a bit, but Morgan seized the momentum for a missle dropkick. Ripley rolled into her corner and Liv didn’t wait to see what was coming next so she passed the tag to Styles. Tom was greeted by Priest, though “Phenomenal” wanted to see Edge. Damien got a series of punches, a dropkick, a pele kick. Tag to Baloru, teamwork, some hand attacks from the Irishman. Priest tried to fight back, got a dropkick to the knee and a low kick. Painful at the ropes, Finn was forced to let go at the referee’s insistence, and Priest attacked him with a forearm to the back of the head. Finn wouldn’t lose control because of that, but he was distracted by Edge, and a second elbow to the back of the head left Balor no chance. Tag Edge, a member of the Hall of Fame attacked his opponent with a commentary table and apron. From that moment on, Finn began to suffer from the coordinated work of the male members of the opposing team. As much as Balor struggled to pass the tag, nothing worked for him. At one point he fought off Pryst with the most resounding chop I’ve heard in the last six months, took a moment to pass the “hot” tag to Stiles.

Edge came out of the corner of his opponents. He came out, and he started to get it. Damien tried to interfere, fell victim to a facebuster, and Edge got another bump to 2 moments later. “Clash” wasn’t allowed to hold by Ripley, who distracted AJ, but she was neutralized by Morgan. Edge sent his opponent to apron, here Phenomenal held a kick from apron to Priest, charged Edge with a Phenomenal Forearm, but the hold was interrupted by Damien pulling Styles down to ringside. Changing to the girls, Liv got away from the booth, did a Harrikanrana with a rollup to 2, added an enziguri and crucifix bomb to 2. Avoiding Oblivion, Ria hit a half & half suplex, did another suplex to 2. Avoiding Riptide, Liv passed the tag to Finn, then did an Australian DDT. Styles and Balor started beating Edge and Priest respectively, sent them outside the rinag and flew the plancha. Morgan “pleased” Ripley with a suicide dive. Balor got Damien back into the quadrangle, held an enziguri off the apron, but the ascent to Coup de Grace was interrupted by Ria loosening the ropes. Tagging Edge, Balor tried to fight off the teamwork, but got a chokeslam from Priest. Styles held a Phenomenal Elbow to Damien as well, but Edge sent him into the ring rack, but Harpoon Finn reversed into a rollup to 2. Slingblade! Shotgun drpoke. But between Balor on the third rope and Edge came Ripley. She was neutralized with a sliper by Liv, but Coup de Grace missed her target and Balor fell to Edge’s harpoon. Judgement Day stand tall.

Specific, but still as good a team match as possible, give or take at the level you’d expect, with Styles and Balor working like professionals, Liv doing her best as always, and Judgement Day doing what the bookers think they should be doing, even if we don’t like everything. Edge and company predictably won. The fact that it was Finn who was retained by Edge is probably predictable, too. And. even though I want more from Judgement Day, their win here is the right decision.

Backstage, Bobby Lashley ran into Cedric Alexander. He asked what it was that Cedric was trying to do in the handicap match earlier, to which Alexander said that his actions were not against Bobby, but against MVP and Omos, because Cedric was tired of being blown off all the time. In the end, P and his new friend got what they deserved. Alexander, on the other hand, won’t be counting on anyone else’s sympathy and will move on on his own. Lashley wished his former bandmate good luck, but advised him to stay out of Bobby’s business, just in case.


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