Juventus may be without a title because of Inter

Juventus may be without a title because of Inter

The important thing to know about Juventus

  • It could have been a ruin for them had Allegri not exploited setbacks at Lazio, Roma, Fiorentina and Atalanta. They risked losing their place in the Champions League. Now, after some help from their rivals, their fresh failures, a draw and two defeats in the last six rounds, do not prevent them from meeting their minimum goal. “Juventus will be fourth, and that’s already good luck.
  • A weak start to the season has forced Allegri to draw conclusions. “Juventus can hardly be called unsuccessful since December. There have been plenty of victories, although it is now much easier to take points away from the Turin side with a draw. On the other hand, the fans have plenty of complaints about the quality of the team’s soccer. But in the Italian Cup we played confidently, passed Sampdoria, Sassuolo and Fiorentina, and earned the final.
  • Today is a special match for Dibala. Paolo has not renewed his contract with Juventus and will move to Inter in the summer. Would the transfer of the Turin vice-captain to a rival club be considered a betrayal? Opinions are divided, and Ibrahimovic, Pirlo, Baggio and Vieri have played for both clubs. And even played for AC Milan, but they can walk around Italy without being handled by random passersby.
  • Speaking of scandalous transitions. Vlahovic has a match today for which he moved to Turin. He’ll play in the final after a goal break. Dusan is physically well, Allegri is only missing De Chillo because of the disqualification. The others are ready to play right away or come on as a substitute, like Locatelli. Although consider that it was after the reshuffle that they lost three points in Genoa. “Genoa managed to get back into the game, and then Crisito converted the winning penalty.
  • I wonder what scheme Allegri will choose for the final? It could be a 4-3-3, releasing Cuadrado on the right flank of attack, adding Morata as the left forward and sending Dybala to the position of “ten” below Vlahovic. But in this case, the middle of the pitch suffers, where Inter should not be allowed to dominate. Juventus have enough players for a normal positional game. There is Arthur, Rabiot and Zakaria. There are four men to choose from in the center of defense, and the Brazilians Sandro and Danilo can play on the flanks. And we might even see Perin, not Szczesny, in the Cup goal.

It is important to learn about Inter

  • Inter is a team with character. After beating AC Milan in the Italian Cup semifinals, they beat Mourinho, but lost to Bologna. Then, they did not give up, earned three points in Udine and snatched a win at home against Empoli, although they were losing 0-2 on 28 minutes. It is no coincidence that Antonio Conte won the Italian champion a year ago with a team of experienced masters; Inzaghi got the proven fighters.
  • Milan’s defense has been performing average lately. They concede quite often, even Handanovic has made mistakes. De Wray, Shkrinjar and Bastoni can play better. But if they are well supported by Brozovic in the defensive zone today, the result will please the fans. It is important to consider that sometimes the Croatian is thrown alone, because Barella and Calhanoglu are not born destroyers, but Inzaghi needs this skew to make the attack work.
  • Inter is the most productive team in Serie A, scoring 78 goals, 23 more than Juventus. They also concede the least, although in this parameter the Turin players are close, 31 goals vs. 33. Calhanoglu and Barella help with assists, while Perisic and Dumfries help with flank work. Even Jeko and Lautaro aren’t tired of scoring goals. “Inter is a strong team, as it proved at Anfield Road when one goal was not enough to get back against Liverpool after a home defeat.
  • The Internazionale have not won the Italian Cup since 2011. Since the time when the team was coached by Leonardo. Eleven years without reaching the finals, where Juventus appeared constantly – six decisive matches in seven years. We lost only one when we lost a penalty shootout against Napoli in 2020. Inzaghi should consider that his Inter are not classic cup fighters, but Juventus are experts in the Italian Cup.
  • Tactically, Inter is a very interesting team, as their 3-5-2 scheme is not badly balanced. Both of the laterals attack and the whole team defends if necessary. Handanovic has no shortage of experience, and for Martinez the old Jacko has become a true teammate, almost like Lukaku was last season. Calhanoglu has played, Barella is growing, Brozovic is a valuable midfielder. Strong squad, decent players, that’s why Dybala agreed to move to Inter instead of looking for a club outside Serie A.

It is important to know about the confrontation

  • As it happens, it was Juventus vs. Inter that named the Italian Derby, not Juventus vs. Milan. “The Rossoneri were out of Serie A, and their neighbors are the only team that has never left the top division. And after Calcopoli, Juventus has an extra reason to beat Inter.
  • The overall statistics are in Juventus’ favor, but in the Italian Cup the difference is small – 14 wins against 11 with 8 draws. A world game today is not ruled out, but only at the end of overtime, because we need to name a winner. These teams have not played each other in the tournament finals since 1965. There have been two decisive matches, both won by Juventus.
  • Inzaghi had a victory over Allegri in the cup final. We’re talking about the Super Cup game in Milan, when Juventus lost 1-2 in extra time. Although the Bianconeri occasionally beat the Nerazzurri in Turin, in recent years we have seen more and more success from Milan. In the championship they have a home draw and an away win in early April.
  • The final will be played on a neutral field, as usual, in Rome at the Stadio Olimpico. For Inter it’s a chance for a “golden double”, because they can still beat AC Milan in Serie A, the struggle continues with two rounds to the end of the championship. And for Juventus, the final is the hope for a pleasant end to a difficult season. Failure against Lautaro Martinez’s team will mean being without a trophy for the first time in 11 seasons.