Kayden Carter and Katana Chance versus Julisa Leon and other

Kayden Carter and Katana Chance versus Julisa Leon and other

I’m very bribed in this match, for among the eight contestants in the match, only one can wrestle. Katana and Puxley start the match, Katana quickly changes to Jane, the latter to Dolin, a dropkick from Puxley, who jedi force pushed Dolin into the corner, though the dropkick missed by a mile, Puxley changes to Niall. Teamwork from Niall and Puxley, change to Puxley, change from Dolins to Katana, change from Puxley to Feroz. At least some action went on in the ring, but not for long. Classic segment of the match with everyone flying into the crowd outside the ring, Valentina trying to hold Katana, change to Yulisa, change to Katana to Paxley, Paxley lifts Yulisa into the fireman’s chair, dropkick to the body by Niall, down to three. Out goes Yulisa and Valentina. Dolin enters the ring, brief cut of the match against Ivy in the ring, change to Tatum and Carter. Change to Ivy, teamwork from Ivy and Puxley. Caught and into their teamwork by Puxley Chance and Carter, they fly out of the ring, but manage to intercept the tag and hold off their opponent Dolin. Niall and Puxley are out. We’re left with possibly the worst possible finalists of the match, for out of the tandem of Puxley and Niall Niall at least Niall can do something, and I can’t say anything about Feroz and Leon, for I’ve only seen one of their 4 minute long matches. These two pairs of contestants with the images of models from the cover of Maxim can’t wrestle or microphone. Forgive me the editors and you, dear readers, but the best thing these ladies do in the ring is wiggle their asses, and that is not a compliment to their looks or sexuality. The match continues with Katana and Dolin. A series of reversals, teamwork from Toxic Waste. Superkick from Carter, teamwork from Carter and Chance, Jane fights back, change to Dolin, all 4 contestants in the ring. Chance and Carter nearly do a team finisher, saves partner Jane but gets a plancha, team finisher passes, to three.

As I said above, this is the worst possible ending to the match, and it’s also the worst possible ending for the champions EVER. Because almost all of the women’s team division representatives are face-offs. No one in the image could go for titles right now. Even the Toxics would be a more adequate choice. Chance and Carter are the worst ranked face team on the brand. The match itself was sheer chaos, with no segment in the ring getting more than two minutes of time. 

We’re treated to an interview from Briggs and Jensen. They’re excited about winning the title match, but they’re interrupted by Heresy. Joe Gacy says Jensen’s dad is a star, Jensen is a second-generation star, which Cameron was not. If they need a path, of course, they’ll get one, too. Jensen replies that Joe’s path is clear – left, right, and face on Brooks’ fist. Joe is offended and calls Jensen out on the match, saying it will be a message to Grimes.

You know, as much as I dislike Jensen, an outright mediocrity, Joe Gacy is capable of pulling off a great match psychologically.

Melo announces an open challenge in the ring for his belt to the first person to step into the ring. Giovanni Vinci enters the ring, but is overtaken by Nathan Frazier.

You can beat Vince out of the CCCU, but you can’t beat his disgusting sense of humor out of all the writers of the show at the same time. And by what logic does Nathan get another challange? Hasn’t he failed ABSOLUTELY ALL of his matches in the last month and a half?